Thursday, May 8, 2014

TBT: Mother's Day, 2008

Since Mother's Day is coming up, I figured I would post a Mother's Day picture. This right here is from 2008- Jackson was just a little over a month old. I hadn't gone back to work yet and I still didn't feel great. I lost weight but I was jiggly and squishy everywhere. I was exhausted. Potty training an almost three year old at the same time as having a newborn sounded like a really good idea at the time. 

It proved not to be. Clearly. 

But it's kind of strange to look at old pictures and see how far we have come. It's also sweet to remember how adorable Olivia was. She still is, but it's different. She's not my little toddler with chunky cheeks who carried all of her favorite things around with her. Now she's sassy, quickly approaching tween years and sings along to Cody Simpson. 

And Jackson. He's clearly not the easiest baby in the whole world anymore. (He really was. In hindsight, it makes Olivia look like the worst baby ever when you compare the two.) He's almost finished with Kindergarten and that alone makes me feel sad. But a happy sad, if that makes sense. 

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middle child said...

Happy Mother's Day girlfriend.