Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dear Car Dealerships.

So a few weeks ago, my Escape had to go into the dealer to get some stupid recall fixed on it. Which is a whole other rant because honestly, this is recall 6 or 7? Ridiculous. But I still love my car. I do.


They were going to have my car for almost three days so I requested a loaner. Now, I'm just going to say that as a dealership whose primary goal is to sell new vehicles, it would be a REALLY good idea to give really nice loaner cars. Like, ones that would more times than not be nicer than the car people rode in with. That way people leave there in their car thinking what a piece of shit it is and maybe they should upgrade to something new.

But no.

No, they don't do that.

Instead, Matt picked up the nicest loaner on the lot which happened to be a 2011 Ford Focus. Which, let me tell you, is the worst car I have maybe even driven? And that says a lot because my first car ever was a 1988 Ford Taurus and that thing was called a tank for a reason.

This Focus? Smelled. It smelled like dirty animal. Not only did it smell like dirty animal, but there was enough animal hair on everything to make a cat. I'm not even kidding.

Maybe the highlight was the fact that it came with zero gas. I digress, it came with some, but when you started it the second time, the gas light came on. It said you had 30 miles to empty but then a half block later it says you have 6 miles to empty. So I put $6.00 in gas in and was really pissed off.

And this is not a very good picture, but there was a weird white crust over all of the controls. The entire dashboard, to be exact. 

And the carpet? The carpet looked like it had been chewed all around the edges. Maybe from the animal that left it's fur all up in here. 

But the smell. It was so bad that I had driven in it to run errands, came home, and Matt was like, "God- do you smell that? What is that smell?" It was ME, you guys. The smell had gotten into my clothes and hair and it was foul. Like immediate shower and I considered burning my clothes. It was gross. 

So dealerships, when you loan out cars, don't loan out hoopty vehicles. All that says to me is to never buy a car from this dealership again. You don't value your customers enough to have a decent loaner, and you don't take car of used cars on your lot and could care less about word of mouth. 


Steff said...

That's so crazy! Our Toyota truck was a fleet vehicle they used as a loaner vehicle at the dealership, and they said they only keep there's for 6-12 months before they sell them. When we bought ours when it was only 5 months old (It's a 2013 and we bought in 2013, but had a huge discount because it was used.) It was in perfect condition still!

Julie H said...

ewww that's gross!

Christy said...

Superior Chrysler has awesome loaners.