Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let's Catch Up (and a carpet/floor update!)

So, lots of things aside from work and school have been happening. Let's catch you up:
First up, I'm throwing my brother and sister in law a baby shower at the end of this month. I have been ass deep in craft projects to make this an adorable, and memorable, shower. Here's a hint on one project. I'll upload full shower pictures after the party. 

My friend Andrea is adorably sweet. She bought me a variety of school supplies, which I'm already using and loving. I didn't realize I'd actually need any and she has me covered and help me not stress out. Love her. 

Oh yes, and I made a diaper cake. It is GORGEOUS. I seriously... if I had more patience and wouldn't have to deal with demanding people who are dumb, I'd go into party planning. 

Remember when we ripped up the dining room carpet on a whim?  Yes well I decided the very next day that the living room carpet had to go as well. Like right then, there was no waiting. So Matt and I started this project at 7 p.m. after he had already worked 14 hours that day. 

You can imagine he wasn't pleased or eager. But dammit if he isn't a trooper. 

Turns out? This carpet didn't smell nearly as bad though it was stained just as much. Seriously. I will never be able to full explain how gross that carpet was unless you had seen it up close and personal. 

But ta-da! The floor in here is in good shape too! There were three patches done, only one done correctly, so eventually we'll have to fix that. And sand/refinish the floors. But right now that looks like a next summer type thing because I don't have it in me to do that while I'm in school and our life is crazy. 

I had taken Olivia school clothes shopping with my friend and her daughter. This was the note she left me. It was kind of great. 

Jackson has taken to waking me up with his "scientist laser beams", which is really annoying but equally adorable. 

And then I convinced Matt I had to buy the full rainbow AND a glitter planner or I would be failing college and wasting $4900 in tuition. He seems like he doesn't believe me, 

I obviously bought them anyways. 

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