Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oh yes, and school started. Like a month ago. Yikes.

Good grief. I'm going through pictures on my computer and I'm realizing how much I have not caught you up on!

So, school started for the kids over a month ago. Olivia is now in third grade and Jackson is in first. Both were actually very eager to start a new school year, and that's always nice. What I didn't expect was how fast they both ditched me on the first day. Usually I expect (and hope) for that nervous hug before they go to class and nope. I had to beg Jackson to come back and hug me, Olivia was long gone.

 So they picked out their own outfits for picture day. Olivia saw this dress at TJ Maxx and said she had to have it because as she said, "It's very Jackie O" and she loves Jackie O. Jackson loves button up shirts and the color blue, so he couldn't have been more thrilled.
On day two, we went flashy. Olivia is wearing a solid sequin sleeved shirt that says "famous" on it. Jackson looks like a safety cone with his bright, neon yellow.
 He was also very excited that he is almost too tall for the cubby area. As a short little kid, he's dying to grow up. And I hate it.

So adorable. :)

So far though, this year has been a bit rough. Jackson is struggling on sight words that start with the letter "w" for some reason. But, he's reading so much better! We did practice over summer but I think his teacher does such a great job at encouraging him so he's eager to keep going. So long as you turn everything into a game, you'll have his attention.

Third grade is hard. Olivia, who has always naturally just understood math concepts so easily and always the head of her class, is really struggling with multiplication. And not just struggling, but I am talking flat out tears over homework. It's so hard to watch her struggle. We help her as best as we can but there comes a point where her little brain has to just click and get it. I know we'll get there but it's making for some tough nights as of late. It's really startling to me too, how much she's matured over the summer. She's like a mini teenager right now. It's adorable and scary all at the same time.

So that's how it's going so far. We had conferences last week and of course they were glowing. I have well behaved, smart little kiddos who are a joy to have in class. I couldn't be any more proud of these two.

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