Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas is just dying for me to celebrate it.

I've made mention how I pretty much hate Thanksgiving and it makes me stressed out and angry. Honestly, if I could skip it and go straight to Christmas, I absolutely would. Christmas is, hands down, my most favorite holiday ever.

As it turns out, Matt is indifferent on basically every holiday so I call him the Grinch. It's so fitting because 98% of the time he's super grumpy and hates life. I, on the other hand, am the Energizer Bunny and I will do it all in a day if I was allowed.

But Matt says no to things like, "Let's put the tree up!". Granted, I asked several times since the start of November and he constantly says no. He says things like, "Tradition in this house is we do it Black Friday. We've done it that way every year, we can't change now." And then I think, I could probably haul the god damn tree up myself and figure it out when he's at work.

I fear though, that he would totally lose it and kill my Christmas spirit.

What he can't kill or sabotage is absolute reason. Because as it turns out, I'm right almost all of the time. Except last year I failed us when it came to our visit to Bentleyville and I couldn't feel my face by the time we left because I was convinced it would get warmer than 20 degrees so let's just wait it out despite crazy reports we were going to have a record cold year.

Because coincidentally, the one time the weather people are actually correct around here, is the day we decided to do Bentleyville when it was below zero and I thought we were all going to die waiting to see Santa.

This year? This year was going to be my redemption. When Matt told me that it was going to be 36 degrees out both Saturday and Sunday? I decided we were going. We were going even though I had been up well over 24 hours straight waiting for my niece to be born at the hospital, despite feeling totally out of whack because I forgot my blood pressure medication while at said hospital, despite  not eating because I hadn't eaten in well over 15 hours and now was beyond nauseous. Oh yes, we were going to go.

So we did.

Chances are that you have never been to Duluth, MN so you wouldn't have any idea how completely fun and gorgeous Bentleyville is. It's basically the entire Bayfront Festival Park decorated in Christmas lights. It's a massive under taking, and Matt every year tells me to stop telling him he's capable of this in our yard. (For the record, he IS capable, the problem is he is unwilling.)

But we go once a year every year and it's always a bunch of fun. It's also usually the coldest ever because it's right on Lake Superior and almost always we are dealing with wind of the lake cold enough to make your nipples fall off.
This year, we got there and were the last people to get in line for Santa. He leaves at 9pm every night so they close off the line at some point so he can get out of there. Well we were dead last which is totally fine. What isn't fine, and you can't ever fully prepare yourself for, is standing for two hours in a line to see Santa when you are so cold you want to cry, but don't because you know it'll just freeze on your face. And it was warm, compared to our winter standards, at 37 degrees. But that doesn't matter when you are just standing in the same spot for two hours.

Needless to say, but by the time we got to Santa I was firmly over it.
 Jackson asked him for an electronic keyboard and Olivia asked for Girls World magazines. I appreciate that my kids always ask for reasonable things unlike the brats in front of us who asked for two American Girl dolls, a power scooter, a new bike, and tickets to Disney World. Good luck with that, mom.

And just like every other year where it's totally freezing, I can't tell you what the second half of Bentleyville looks like because we hustle through it with limited movement in our feet because we're frozen to the bone.

The one sweet thing was that Olivia kept saying things like, "Just think, next year we'll have a baby with us." and I thought that was kind of adorable. And I hadn't even thought of it, but it's true. And I refuse to be that asshole trying to push a stroller in snow. So now I have to see if the carrier I picked out on my registry is big enough to accommodate a baby in snow pants and a jacket..


Anonymous said...

I've decided I'm going to change my name to Matt.

Unknown said...

Dude, you need to put that Jeep brand stoller on your registry because I have a friend who has it and it's seriously like a god damn JEEP. Granted we don't have snow to push through here, but I'm sure just based on the wheels on that thing and the thick ass metal frame, it could go over at least 3-4 feet of snow.