Friday, December 5, 2014

Beat it, turkey. Hello, Santa.

I've made it pretty clear I basically hate Thanksgiving. I particularly love how people are so righteous about the holiday when it basically is us celebrating the fact we took over land from the Native Americans and feel pretty OK about it, and we call it being thankful for what we have. It's kind of ludicrous. But that's for another day.

My  most favorite holiday EVER is Christmas. I feel so happy the entire month of December. Even with strangers who would normally make me angry and irritable, I find myself far more patient and more tolerant of others being really stupid. It just doesn't matter, I feel great the entire month. I love shopping for gifts, I love giving the gifts, I love receiving gifts. I love baking (mostly), I love decorating, I love finding one fun thing after another to do with my kids and take a million pictures. I just really enjoy every aspect of Christmas.

So every year we have a tradition where each kid gets to pick out their own special ornament from a store. It doesn't matter what it is, so long as they picked it out. This year Olivia picked out a leopard print stuffed heart and Jackson picked out a minion. Those are always the first ornaments to go on the tree. And though I didn't take a picture for here, we also get ornaments over the year from places we've been, OR if we haven't gone on vacation, we get something that represents a milestone or something fun from the year. This year we have lots of ornaments from our South Dakota trip. Usually then I take a picture of our new ornaments and I have a small photo album I put them in, write why we have those ornaments, and then when people come over they page through the book and try to find the ornaments on the tree. 

Matt generally hates decorating for anything, so the tree is basically something the kids and I do together.
They were particularly proud of the tree this year. We don't have any boring ornaments, every ornament is handmade by someone or from a special family moment.
Afterwards we watch Christmas movies in our pajama. (Jackson also opts to wear his Abdominal Snowman hat he refuses to acknowledge that is getting too small on him. We need a bigger one, stat.)

My other favorite thing is having them write out their Christmas wish lists. They spend such a long time on it, they really want to make sure they convey EXACTLY what they want.
Olivia's is on the right, and she's pretty straight forward. She's asking for things I've heard her talk about pretty much all year. Thankfully I was able to find amazing deals on almost all of this. Jackson's is a bit more hilarious because he has given Santa 16 things. My favorites being a "fart blastor" and "Money- $50". I appreciate that he wasn't vague at all, but rather very specific on the denomination he is expecting. I can tell you right now he's going to be disappointed that $50 is nowhere in his pile. He also is not getting a tablet. BUT, he is getting the Nintendo DS so we're calling it a win. He also got a lot off his list thanks to really great deals on Thanksgiving evening and Friday morning.

I'm pretty much all done with my Christmas shopping except for a couple odds and ends I can only buy online and I hope to do that on payday. I also will get all of the boxes I need to mail in transit this weekend (crossing fingers) so then I can work on my Christmas cards. I hand make our Christmas cards and write up a little letter, because I'm really a little old lady at heart. AND because I think people should get back into sending Christmas cards. I absolutely love receiving them, and hearing about their year's highlights. Because again, I'm basically a little old lady at heart.

Are YOU ready for Christmas? What fun traditions does your family have?


thotlady said...

Not ready at all. No tree up yet. Only a couple of gifts purchased. We still need to send Christmas gifts to MIL and FIL. Yikes.

The last few years I have been kind of a bah humbug.

Julie H said...

I just packed up all my oldest ornaments to send to her for her first year of not being here. A few years ago I marked which ones belonged to who and I'm so glad I did that. You'd think you'd remember but once you get 3 kids and 20 years they all start to blur lol.