Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bills and budgeting is a downer.

So with having a new job, it means my income is less. Ideally, I would have liked to have worked both jobs at least through the end of the year and  use the extra money as paying things off faster. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option. So now I'm on less income, and we have Christmas happening, and I have a LOT of things that really need to get paid off before I have Baby Strand. Mostly because I'll be off of work until the fall, and that's being optimistic and assuming I can find affordable day care for 15 hours a week (3 hours for 5 days), for an infant, that doesn't cost my entire paycheck and then some.

If I can't find that, then it looks like I'm staring down stay-at-home-mom as my every day. Which is terrifying all on it's own. There is a reason I didn't do it with my other two, and that's because I like adult interaction and I get bored easily. Which is not to say I'll be bored. I can tell you right now I wouldn't be the mom with the messy house and McDonald's for dinner. Even when Olivia and Jackson were younger, I was that highly productive mom who still had handmade gifts, meals, and a clean house with an infant and toddler. So I have no doubt in my ability to rock it, because I totally would.

I just would really miss working. A whole lot. I like feeling like I'm needed somewhere, and yes, babies need you but it's not the same.


So right now we are doing some serious budgeting and planning, and mostly not spending. It sucks a whole lot. Like, it's not even fun a little bit.

The kicker is that every time we start making really good headway, something keeps happening and we're back at square one. It's like the universe really does not want us to be financially OK. Which, that's kind of rude, universe. But all of this means I have to get back into meal planning seriously (and sticking with it), and couponing. It's so time consuming for me considering I'm tired all of the time, both kids have activities happening, they both have homework and reading and things they need my help with, we still need to eat, and sometimes my family is all, "Why don't we have clean socks??" and it's just annoying. Because I'm just so *yawn* tired, that I just need a million dollars and then it'll all be fine. Right??

The really good thing is that at least I've had the foresight to start buying things in advance that I know I'll need over the summer but we might be too broke to get. Things like diapers, wipes, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. I mean, all of that stuff I can store in closets and such and it'll be helpful. I feel almost like I'm planning for a four or five month Armageddon with the stock piling. So I feel like at least that is under control.

And then, and then Matt tells me that we really need to get a new roof. He'll do the work to save us a TON of money, but oh yes, let's start buying shingles every pay day so we have it all for this summer.

Yes, let me bend over and pull out my secret stash of money I hide for things JUST like this.

So yes. My life right now is stacks of coupons, budgets, financial plans, and a list of what still needs to get done.  Thinking about it, and certainly looking at it all, makes me that much more tired.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

The universe can be really nice, and sometimes a real pain in the butt. Thinking of you! You can do this and it sounds like you have a plan and are strong enough to do it all...I believe in you but I am still sending positivity over!

thotlady said...

Life can be tough sometimes, but wonderful other times. I guess it is all a balancing act.

Life Love & High Heels said...

Although I shouldn't be, I feel like I live paycheck to paycheck sometimes too :-/

Lin said...

I totally feel you on the tight budget thing. Good news is this shit never lasts forever...it too will pass :)

Hopefully very quickly.