Thursday, January 8, 2015

A glimpse of the life..

I recently took pictures from my phone and moved them to my computer and I figured.. I should share here? Sure, if you've found me on Facebook or Instagram, you've maybe seen them.


They are all awesome and worthy of a second look.

A cute note from Olivia, complete with a picture of me painting the walls in the basement family room. I look like I'm wearing gaucho pants or something.
I miss summer. Even more because Jackson would wear things like this all of the time. I'm not sure why, we just go with it.
Batman is a fat ass who believes we bring him home things for him to sit in.  Don't think I don't notice the cat fur in the baby's crib, asshole.
Easily my favorite picture from 2014. The kids challenged Matt to a water fight. They were armed with water balloons and he sneak attacked with the hose. IN THE FACE action shot!
Jackson is a Tiger Scout and it's the cutest thing ever in the whole world. Still only really wants to know when he will learn to start fires.
Matt and I went on a date way back in October to see Anberlin play their final show in Minneapolis. It was a great concert, an even nicer day for a date and (get this) the FIRST TIME EVER we ate dinner outside. No, I'm not even kidding. I realize now why this is a thing. It's a nice thing.
Every day with Jackson is an adventure in shenanigans.
Lola is a fat ass who warms said ass on heat vents. Absolutely no shame at all.
Jackson has taken to laying in dog beds at my inlaw's house. Thankfully, the dogs don't give a damn and he will drag this thing around. He actually slept in it one night.
Can we talk about how sweet Olivia is? She's just the biggest love bug ever and I want to squeeze her guts at least once every day.
Twinky has been on uterus watch. He will not sleep anywhere except directly on my chest (as shown) or between my legs as if he alone will block the exit. It's probably best that I'm not doing a home birth because he would try to deliver on his own. I'm sure of it.
Let's talk about how much Twinky loves outfits. He maybe doesn't look like he loves it, but trust me, he does. He really likes his blue flannel and his new turtleneck. 

So there's a quick run down of life, according to my phone. 

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