Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mom vans, I might join your flock. AGAINST MY WILL.

With Penelope on her way, we are trying to do things differently. I am that person who cannot wait to do something- if I see an issue, we deal with it now and be done with it. I just am not able to not do that because then I feel like I have this thing hanging over my head.

One issue is my vehicle. You guys- I am in LOVE with Gideon. Gideon is my 2013 Ford Escape. I love him. He's the greatest thing. We still hug. Kind of regularly. It fits my butt perfectly. I feel like the youngest chick ever, even with two kids in the back. I love it. It's the only vehicle I ever bought brand new. I literally skipped through the lot as they took my mini van away and I ran to this like it was my savior. I was prepared to keep this sucker until it died, because we're that much in love.

And now.

And now I'm pregnant. I won't lie, the first thing I thought of was my vehicle. I figured everything else would come together, but it's not like you can just go change vehicles. We still owe on it, so we're weighing the pros/cons of trading it in, and then what do we get instead? When we were looking at replacing my last van, it was the Escape versus the Explorer. I said, several times, we should get the Explorer. I said the room would be handy seeing how I sometimes haul other kids and lots of stuff. Matt said no. Matt said the Escape would be better long term. I said, "what if we have another baby?", and Matt said we weren't. No issue.


(That right there is so immature but absolutely justified in this case.)

So here we are. Having a third baby. Yes, I can get an infant car seat in my Escape with Olivia and Jackson. It is TIGHT. When we move the baby from an infant car seat to the next one? I don't if the kid in the middle can buckle their seat belt. Because yes, no matter the car seat, I can't fit it in the middle and fit Jackson's booster seat and then Olivia on the other side. So the only option is for the baby's seat is behind the driver's seat.

After a lot of discussion, Matt and I decided that we were going to start looking now, while we have time. I don't want to be doing this any further in my pregnancy and I don't want to do it when I have an infant.

Now is our moment.

Last night we looked at several vehicles. All of the SUV's with a third row and enough storage in the back to accommodate a stroller and groceries (as an example) are FAR above our price range. We don't really want to increase our payment from what we already have, which was an all time high. We are also in this weird pocket where our vehicle has just enough trade in value that it would be do-able. We're still technically upside down in our loan, so that also makes a difference in what we can get. So our absolute maximum is $20,000. We also don't want to go older than a 2013, because that's what we have, and we ideally would like to stay at 40,000 miles or less, knowing full well this next vehicle will be in the family for a long time.

So we test drove an Explorer, which would have been a stretch. Not sold. I absolutely loved it, I want it badly. BUT. The second row was a bench versus bucket seats and that's hard. It's also $5000 more than our limit and that's also hard. So after doing several rounds of math, that would add more than $100 to our monthly payment. For SIX years. I just... I can't do that. That hurts. I want it, but that hurts. I almost vomited.

Which means that no matter what, that's out.

Tonight we've been researching vehicles with the bare minimum things we need in a vehicle, with our price range and mileage range and you know what?

The ONLY things that came up in a 200 mile radius? Mini vans.

God damn mini vans.

I think tomorrow we are going to test drive them. They are pretty comparable, one is a 2013 and one is a 2014. The 2013 is a $1000 less, but it has almost 70,000 miles. The 2014 is $1000 more, but it only has 40,000 miles. It's also white, which I hate.

Fun fact: I owned a white car for seven years. It was my college car, first one I bought on my own. I had a loan limit of $10,000 and there was only one car on the lot so that's the one I got. And you know what? I almost was killed at least once every winter because white cars are hard to see when you're surrounded by SNOW. So that makes me nervous.

But I won't lie. I'm irrationally attached to my vehicle. I already told Matt I am probably going to cry when I watch my baby leave. And I'll cry hard. Real hard. This is not good when I'm hormonal. But I also recognized that family wise, this is probably better.


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