Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years as a grown up.

I can't even say I've ever gotten turnt up for New Year's. I think there's only been one year where I've made it to midnight and that was a week before I found out I was pregnant with Olivia. We had splurged and gotten tickets to this huge party that was held at a local arena and went with friends. It was kind of lame but at least we weren't at home like losers.

But as it turns out, being at home like losers is where it's at. At least when you have kids. My kids have never made it to midnight and I don't even think they are aware that people party until midnight (and beyond), so we try to find fun things to do during the day. This year they chose to go roller skating because as it turns out, my kids are roller skating fiends. Which seems so weird and random to me, but whatever. I'm down to watch you skate and fall on your ass.

Jackson all laced up and ready to roll. With the help of a walker. HA!

Olivia also ready to roll, with a walker, that she is far too big for but refuses to skate without it. She skated all hunched over like that.
Me and my girl. Also, this is where I got stuck. Matt had to lift the table. It was quite the event.

After skating for two hours, they had a "balloon drop" for the kids. They also gave all of the kids noisemakers, and then turned on the song "Let It Go" (which I hate. I hate Frozen, I hate everything about Frozen, I even hate everyone in Frozen just on principle), and the kids proceeded to "sing" along with their noisemakers.

It was just as I imagine the gates of Hell sounding like.
It was basically a balloon frenzy. Especially when the kids found out each balloon had something in it.
My kiddos got coupons for free admission and then a free soda. Olivia won $5 from a door prize drawing. Overall they had a great time and went home exhausted, which was a double win. They had asked me if we were going to do anything "fun" over break because "everyone" in their class was doing fun stuff. I hadn't planned on anything because A) we're broke and B) everyone has been sick. So this was it, our one big outing over Christmas break. I told Matt maybe I can rally and do a fun thing for Spring Break or something. We'll see. 

So that was our New Year's. No big partying over here. As per usual. ;) 

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