Sunday, January 25, 2015

Once upon a time, Daddy danced.

One of the highlights of Olivia's year is easily the Father Daughter Ball. I can never afford it but I always buy the tickets anyways because it's important to Olivia. Matt hates people, socializing, events, basically hates a lot of things in life, but he never has a choice.

He's always going to these things under duress because I say so. Because it's important for Olivia to feel like her daddy thinks she's the prettiest, most special girl in the whole world. Because that kind of thing is going to count later on.

So I spent the last of the money I had at the end of December to buy the two tickets and a dress for Olivia. Which, fortunately, she was able to use for Christmas and the holiday concert at school. And she was so excited to go to the dance and asked me every weekend how much longer until the dance.

The bummer is that I didn't have enough money to get her hair professionally done, so we did what we could with my embarrassing lack of hair styling skills. But her and Matt got all ready to go. The really impressive thing? Is that Matt wore a tie. Not even a clip on tie, but he watched a YouTube video on how to tie his own tie. (Because I cannot do it. I'm such a fail to wifehood, it's terrible.)
It'd kind of a tradition that Matt and Olivia go to the dance with our friends Chad and Kennedy. Chad's wife Tammy is one of my closest friends, so it's kind of cool our daughters hang out, despite the two year age difference. I made sure Matt had some cash because the girls have a thing about kiddie cocktails.
Olivia actually danced with Matt, more than once. He said he's pretty sure that she had a great time.
Olivia told me she had a great time with her dad, that he wasn't totally embarrassing, and she can't wait to go with him next year. 

While they were gone, Jackson and I went on a date. I wasn't feeling very good but Jackson was so excited about it and had been looking forward to it all week. I couldn't tell him we'd go a different day. So he decided that we would have dinner at Applebee's, and have two desserts. I convinced him that going out to a movie was lame, so we came home to make some cookies and I let him pick out a movie on Netflix. Which wasn't a movie, instead, it was two hours of Lego Ninjago episodes. I think he was pretty happy and he fell asleep on the couch, snuggled up with me. 

Next year, we'll have Penelope in the mix. She's too young to go to a dance, obviously, so Jackson and I will have to have a special mom and son date, even with a baby tagging along. Fortunately for me, Jackson is the best little boy who is easily the most adaptable. I just want to try really hard that each kid feels like they are the greatest thing to us ever. I feel like that'll be a struggle for a little while, but I'm confident we can do it. 

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