Friday, January 2, 2015

Sing their little hearts out.

I have so many pictures and things to catch you up on, so let's start.

So every December the kids' school has a winter sing-along and I kind of love it. I seriously love going to school things like this and I might be the only one who gets teary eyed, but I really can't help it.

They picked out their own outfits. Jackson has his snowman shirt and his beloved flannel on and Olivia, of course, picked out her fancy dress we got for the upcoming Father Daughter Dance.

And they sang. Well, kind of.
Jackson sings in the morning, when he sees me there, but he apparently doesn't do much for the afternoon show. But interestingly, he gets a 3 in music and his music teacher tells me he's "very enthusiastic" in class. 

Olivia always sings because A) she wants to be a singer when she grows up and B) she believes it's part of her grade. I refuse to tell her that's actually not true. 

Also in December, we attend Olivia's dance recital. This year it was just mom and I because Jackson was sick and Matt was going to stay home and watch him. But this fall they offered a technique class and she wanted to go, so we signed her up. What a HUGE difference! Seriously. She has such a great time and I can see so much improvement. Look at that straight leg and pointed toe! So proud. 

 They danced to "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" and it was stinking adorable.
She's always going to be my little flamingo, though. Those knobby knees... love.

So we've been busy. Olivia would like to try indoor volleyball through the YMCA and if we have enough left over on payday, we just might do that. I found a beginner archery class Jackson could do and I was going to see if he wanted to. He's so shy and he hates basically all activities, but I feel like being in something will be helpful for him. So we'll see. I also plan to resume their swimming lessons because we have no time for kids' drowning and such. So we're going to be busy before Penelope comes, and that's kind of daunting. But my goal was to not take away opportunities from them because of a new baby. That's not fair to them. So we're going to juggle schedules as best as we can and see what we can do.

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I does sound very busy ins the Strand household.