Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's trendy to hate something.

Has anyone else noticed a trend, particularly in social media, where it's kind of trendy to hate something? If you aren't outraged by something then maybe you aren't smart enough to understand what's happening around you, that's the overall sentiment I'm getting from all of this. I've gotten to the point where I have to skip over most of what is being posted on Twitter and Facebook because it highlights to me how far down as a society we've gone. Gone are the days where we absorb science or strive to be decent human beings. The fact that someone raised large amounts of money for a school are newsworthy when the school should just have that money anyways, is astounding to me. Here are some of the latest things that make me want to bury my hole in the sand:

Vaccines: It is 2015 and I cannot believe we are arguing the merits of vaccines. I can't. I really cannot accept that so many Wikipedia loving people have banded together in solidarity to say vaccines are bad because I got a rash (or god forbid, a FEVER) and that makes them bad and oh god, the chemicals they use to make them! HORROR. Calm down, folks. Trust me when I say the crap they made the Big Mac you ate at lunch with is probably a thousand times worse for you than the tiny amount of whatever chemical they have in the vaccine. And if you're that against science and medical doctors, just stop going to the doctors. Pray away your illnesses and let me know how that works for you. And don't try chemo or radiation if you get whatever kind of cancer because god only knows what any of that does to a person long term. It's just astounding.

Public Education Funding: You know what's sad? The large amount of people who think adding any more funding towards public education is a waste. A waste! Seriously. I can't even believe that. Yes, let's pour extra money into the military so we can stay involved in things that have nothing to do with us, but let's not educate our children. Sounds legit. I'm a huge supporter of troops, I cry when I see them leave, cry when I see them come back, and am so thankful we have people who are willing to do horrific things in order to protect our freedom. I know I can't be that person, so I am so gald there are those who are willing to do that on my behalf. BUT. We have got to stop sending our troops overseas. Let those people fight it out. Seriously. They got themselves in it, let them get themselves out. Instead, let's worry about what we have happening here. We have so many students who are not at sufficient grade level in reading, math, science, etc. It's not for a lack of trying on teacher's parts- they are overworked to the bone, the requirements put upon them and the limitations they are given are insane. It's unreasonable. As someone who volunteers at my children's school, I think it is ridiculous how much fundraising needs to be done so we can get current material for students. That should be a given. We can't take kids on educational field trips and learn hands on because the cost is too high. Some of the best science lessons I ever got, and still remember perfectly, were ones I learned at a science museum, trying things hands on. Kids aren't getting that and we really need to be outraged, whether we're a parent or not. Because we all have a dog in that race- these are the people running the country someday, it'd be nice if they could do math.

Commercials: If you're offended by a commercial? You need to re-evaluate your life. I'm serious.

Birth Control and Women's Rights: Again, it's 2015 and I cannot believe we are still arguing over women's rights. I really can't. If a woman wants to be on birth control, let her be on birth control. It's a medication and it should be covered. Nobody wants a bunch of babies people can't take care of, let's prevent that. Easy peasy. And you know what? If a woman wants an abortion, let her have an abortion. If you don't believe in it, then don't have one. It's a pretty simple concept. How about we just worry about ourselves? Maybe stop pushing a personal religious agenda onto others? Because let's be honest, nobody knows if God is actually real or which religion reigns supreme until we die, so let's not go down that road. Worry about you.

Gay Marriage and Rights: Seriously, I hope someday this is such a non issue like segregation and I can see the faces of my grandchildren when they ask me why this was even an issue. I really do. Because again, worry about you. So what if you Joe and Jim want to get married, and adopt? WHO CARES. Seriously. In a time where we have thousands of children in foster care, babies born to crack heads, I mean, do we really want to go down the road of saying two men (or two women) can't give a great home to some kids? Maybe lead a really happy, healthy life in a loving marriage? It's not like heterosexuals have gotten it right. But if someone is able and willing to provide a safe, loving home to kids who maybe wouldn't have one otherwise? Thank god for them. Seriously. Bravo, let's encourage that.

Welfare and drug testing: Oh stop. Not every person on a form of welfare is on drugs. They just aren't. To assume that makes you a really hateful person and that's not being a good Christian. I'm not religious but I've always been told that being kind to others, and helping them up, even when they least deserve it, is what a good Christian does. And you know what? I'm alright knowing my taxes are going towards helping other people have homes, eat, take care of themselves and their children, get adequate healthcare, etc because you know what makes me sad? Homeless people. People who had a chance and now have nothing and nobody that can help them. THAT makes me sad. What makes me angry is seeing my tax money go to stupid stuff while rich people get better tax breaks than I do. I don't have much to give, but I'm OK with knowing my tax money is helping someone, somewhere.

So there's that. Admittedly, maybe the pregnancy hormones are making me a little feisty. But it's just awful. I don't know for sure, but it seems like since Obama took office people have turned anti-government and I'd hate to think it's because he's black. I really would. Because I'd like to think as a society, we're better than that. That we are teaching our children better than that. That really, at the core of all of us, we want to help others along and aren't so selfish.

But I'm not sure that's true at all anymore.

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Ruth said...

The whole vaccine thing pisses me off. The way everyone makes it sound, there are tons and tons of children running around unvaccinated and there is a very small percentage that don't vax. And they have their reasons. Just like you do.