Thursday, February 12, 2015

Phone Dump!

I feel like I don't do this near enough. Maybe I should make this a regular thing?

So let's see what life in the Strand house has been like in the last couple of weeks!

Matt contemplating life while holding Twinky. This is basically the scene when I come to bed each night. It's ridiculous.
You might not know this but Matt really hates to read. He hates it. The kids know to not ask him to read to them because he hates it so much. He's actually really dyslexic so it's a pretty good reason to not love reading. But at school, the library got a copy of the The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak. Jackson's teacher read it to them and Jackson laughed SO hard. Pretty much every kid that had that book read to them was in hysterics. It really is all in how you read it. But Jackson knew right away he wanted to have Dad read it.

(Side note: I was kind of worried because there are nonsense words in the book and Matt usually avoids things like that.)

Thankfully, Matt was game. So that is a picture, the only one I have of Matt reading to a kiddo, and he's smiling. Jackson was in tears while Matt read the book and that made Matt laugh. It's easily one of the best parenting memories I have. I'm so glad I could snap a quick picture of it. 
A very cool tradition my kids have is breakfast with Grandpa. My dad is an over the road truck driver so he's gone out of town a lot. Right now he is home most weekends and takes Olivia to her guitar lessons, and then if he's home on Saturday, he takes the kids out to breakfast. They absolutely love it and if you tell them they get to go with Grandpa, they go to bed early and are ready to go by 6 a.m. They always go to random, hole in the wall places, and it's always a fun adventure. A couple of weekends ago, they came home declaring they would be on Facebook. Fortunately, a friend tagged me in the photo and I now have a cool picture of them with my dad documenting their fun little tradition.
Matt and I have this ongoing joke about going to the bathroom. Literally EVERY DAY the kids let us know when they go "the good kind of bathroom" and it's just annoying. They aren't trying to be annoying, they think that we need to somehow document this. So the other day this is a text I got from Matt as I was getting ready for work. Romance. Definitely not dead.
Twinky continues to sleep literally on my face. On this particular day, he smelled like pee. He got a bath when I hopped into the shower. This dog only loves me when Matt isn't here. Matt is the true love of his life.
On Tuesday Jackson came home from school saying he didn't feel great. Later in the evening, this was the scene. Never a good sign when this on the go boy willingly lays down.
Cue Wednesday morning and he declares he can't go to school, in tears. He's got a fever, he has a headache, and his throat is sore. He was SO upset that he was missing the root beer float party for Valentine's Day at school and that he wouldn't get to hand his Valentine's out. Fortunately, Olivia is literally the best sister ever and she made sure to pick his Valentine's and bring them home. So all day, this was the scene at our house. He was asleep on the couch, I was laying next to him and Twinky resting on my legs. But Jackson is the sweetest little boy to watch when he sleeps. You can't help but want to snuggle him until he's better.

Today he seemed OK. I had to take the kids to my OB appointment and he was fine. By lunchtime, he went downhill quickly and he became really teary over nothing. By the time we got home, he went and took a two hour nap. He feels warm again but fell asleep with no issues this evening so we'll see if he gets up in the middle of the night.

So this is our life. It's never too dull and the kids are always cute.

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Unknown said...

How am I a teacher & I've never heard of The Book With No Pictures? I loved your phone dump. It's a whole cute family!