Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend Warrior, pre-planning

I keep forgetting to consult my planner when making plans and that is terrible. You'd think after screwing myself over several times, I would give more time in that practice. But as it turns out, you'd be wrong.

Because I have once again over extended myself this weekend. Oy vey.

So tomorrow Jackson starts his first class in archery! He used to be really excited about this, but after I said I signed him up, his enthusiasm wasn't totally there. I am hoping that once he gets started and realizes he gets to shoot things he'll get more excited. After that, he gets to go to a birthday party for his classmate, and it's camping themed at a children's museum, so that'll be fun for him. And THEN we get to hustle home, get cleaned up, and then get him to his very first Blue & Gold Banquet for Boy Scouts. He's a Tiger Scout, and a super cute one no less, so we aren't sure what happens at these banquets, but he's hoping he gets some badges for his uniform. The nice thing is that now that we've been doing Boy Scouts for a few months, he's getting more eager to go each week. On Sunday Olivia gets to go to a roller skating birthday party for her friend.

In between all of this, I am going to finish getting Penelope's room ready. I'm so close! I have another cool picture to hang up on her wall that I got at my shower, and some organizing.

I also have to really buckle down and make some final lists on what I would like to have done and ready for when Penelope comes. I am starting to feel really overwhelmed with things I need to get done and it's dumb. It's totally pointless because none of it really matters yet I feel this overwhelming urge to get it all done.

Today we had a fun visit from my sister in law and my baby niece Adriana, who is so big and has the biggest cheeks. So adorable. She was a little fussy today and I think her crying scared Jackson a little bit. Olivia wasn't phased at all. But it also was kind of scary because though I've done this twice now, I'm kind of scared. I don't know that I feel ready for Penelope to come at all. I hate feeling like I'm not ready. I hate feeling like I'm walking into something blind.


My other tasks this weekend include reading two books for review AND working on my hypnobirthing. It's not going well. I don't feel relaxed at all while I'm doing it and I'm starting to feel like it's a useless cause. I wish I could have afforded an actual class versus doing it on my own, but that wasn't in the budget. So it's frustrating and a little nerve wracking. More on that soon.

What are YOUR plans for this weekend?


Unknown said...

Sounds like you have a busy weekend! We have a lot going on, the best of which is a slumber party for my big 12-year-old! 7 boys running and yelling. What have I gotten myself into? :)

thotlady said...

Lunch, church and lunch.

Pretty quiet weekend on my end.