Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Allergies and Asians.

I'm going to start this post by making it very clear that I raise my kids to be kind to everyone. Like no matter what makes someone different than them, any kind of discrimination point blank will not be tolerated. And I start with that because I know that some asshole out there is going to read this and send me an email detailing all of the reasons I'm a shit mother. So I'm just heading that off right off the bat.

So anyways.

Jackson has seasonal allergies. He's had them since birth but seriously, it's like every year they get worse. Last year was super bad, to the point where the poor kid woke up with his eyes swollen shut. And that's before he even went outside. I managed to get him a daily prescription that he takes at night and then he takes a Claritin in the morning as a double back up for when he goes to school.

Now that it's spring (well, it was the last two weeks anyways), his allergies have started up again. I sent him to the park last week when it was super nice out to go play with his sister. He came home a short while later to get a drink and to tell me he met a new friend. He then tells me his new friend, "Has allergies just like me, mom!!".

Which, weird thing to learn about someone in the span of five minutes.

I asked him how did he know his friend had allergies? He says, "Her eyes are swollen almost shut like mine in the morning!". Um, ok. This is weird. The best part? He says, "I told her I had allergies and that I take Claritin. Claritin is really good." (Do you love how my child is pushing pharmaceuticals at the park? He's seven and kind of a drug dealer.)

He then tells me he wants me to meet his friend and see his new trick on the monkey bars. Since the park is across the street, I grab my water bottle and walk over with him. Where he enthusiastically starts pointing at his new friend.

Who does not have swollen eyes.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't even have allergies.

As it turns out, she's Asian.

My child now thinks if you're Asian, you automatically have allergies, just like him.

I proceeded to laugh so hard I basically pissed my pants. Thankfully, I had a pad on given the unpredictable nature of my bladder as of late. But I laughed. And laughed. Then I told the kids we should go home for popsicles because I didn't think I could meet this kids' parents and not laugh and piss my pants even more. Jackson was thoroughly confused and was very adamant that I was wrong when I explained to him that I didn't think she had allergies, but rather she is of an Asian heritage.

He still believes I'm lying and that I'm saying no to him playing with (as he calls it) "a disability friend".

Because apparently, allergies is also a disability according to Jackson.

Again, I laughed. It's the only appropriate response, I think.


The Flynnigans said...

Omg! Lol Kids are so innocent aren't they?
:) You bad mom, you. Just kidding lover.

Ruth said...

That is cute!