Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Purina ONE dry cat food

If you know my cats at all, you know they are absolute pigs. And when I say pigs, I really mean it. We should meet the herd, first.

We have Batman (black and white, just a stub of a tail) and Stumpy (gray and white, more of a stump of a tail) (don't worry, they were born with deformed tails). These two are males, they are moody. Batman has a social anxiety disorder and his fur gets clumpy. Stumpy is a social butterfly and likes to have his butt spanked. It's embarrassing when people come over because he practically demands that you do it.
Here's another picture of Batman, but also includes our girly cat, Lola Louise. Lola is a bit of a hussy and let's our dog Twinky try to have his way with her.
And last but certainly not least, we have Ginger. Ginger is new to the crew as of Christmas time, but she's quickly becoming like the boys. She's a big eater, wants love on her own terms, and is a bit of a recluse. 

But the cats are all so different so it's hard to find a good they will all eat and not throw up on my rug. (Honestly, we all know it's Batman but he pretends like it wasn't him despite the fact it's clearly stuck to his paws.) (Have I mentioned none of our pets are really that smart?) But when I got a chance to try out the Purina ONE dry cat food for the #ONEswitch campaign through Influenster, I figured I would give it a try since no harm no foul. So they sent me a complimentary bag of cat food and a coupon to get a second bag, which I had to do immediately because you maybe can't tell so well from the photos, but my cats are huge. They are not dainty in any way, so we went through the food rather quickly. 

The good news? They really loved it. We had no instances of puked up cat food anywhere, nobody shunned the bowl, and they all practically ran each other over to get to the bowl during feeding time. Also? Batman seems a bit perkier than usual, which is really great because he was starting to get a little lethargic and I had been guessing it was his food. 

The only downside is that the food is a bit spendy. Normally on a 3.5 pound bag of cat food I expect to pay around $3-4, but Purina ONE at my local store is almost $10 for the same weight of food. So it's definitely a budget adjuster. I also haven't seen any coupons in the local paper or seen it go on sale at any of my local stores, so that is also something to take into account for. Not to say there won't ever be a coupon in a newspaper insert or online, or a really great stock up sale, but in the three weeks I've been looking I've not see either. 

Overall? I do like the food. We are strongly considering switching just because we've seen an increase in activity in all of the cats, but especially Batman. We've also seen an improvement in Batman's fur, so that also is a definite plus. 

If you are in the market for a new cat food, I highly suggest you give Purina ONE a try. I don't know what the wet food is like, if it's as comparable as the dry, but we are definitely happy with the quality of the dry cat food! 


The Flynnigans said...

Holy I didn't realize you had a menagerie at home! They're all cuties :)

Unknown said...

I wish I could have gotten this Voxbox... sigh. But I already buy Purina One, so maybe that's why I didn't get it. Haha It is fairly pricey, I usually end up getting coupons from Kroger that spit out after I buy stuff because they have a profile on me and know that I buy the huge 7lb bag every like 2 weeks. My cats are porkers too.
My Mom is such a saint and usually sends me Petsmart/Petco gift cards every few months so I tend to buy it over there if I don't have a coupon, because it's basically free money I'm using to buy it.

But yeah, no incidence of vomit = good cat food.


Petzy said...

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