Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mansion Rehearsal

So eleven years ago today, it was an absolute shit day weather wise. It was windy, we were having torrential down pour rains and it was so cold, everyone was miserable. Mostly my family who had traveled all the way from sunny Florida.

It was also the day of our rehearsal dinner.

It occurred to me that in all of the years that I've blogged, I have shown pictures or talked about our wedding, but I have never shared anything about our rehearsal dinner.

My mother in law arranged for our rehearsal dinner to be at Fairlawn Mansion in Superior. It's a gorgeous space, and though I've lived in Superior for so long, I hadn't actually been to the mansion, so it was the first time. Matt's high school class was so small they held a prom here. Which is insane because we had about 50 people at our dinner and it was a tight fit, every table going into separate rooms.

I remember obsessing about  my outfit. At the time, we were so broke. It wasn't even funny. We actually had no business spending money at all on anything but we were also incredibly young. My boss at the time took me to Younkers and she was going to help me figure out what to wear on our lunch break. I found literally the only skirt in the entire store that fit me, magically found a black shirt, and splurged on shoes justifying that I could wear them to work. I even managed to find a necklace that looked like a silver bow (which I still have and love). Matt always has nice clothes, so he was set. It was kind of a nice venue because while I had just a few out of town family coming, Matt had loads and this was going to be our rehearsal dinner plus touristy thing for the out of towners. I had pretty much no say in the event, and that was just fine. I wasn't big into planning things back then and I didn't know what I was doing. I also didn't know how to do things for cheap so I just didn't do a lot of the things I would have liked to have had.

It ended up being a lovely dinner, and a lovely tour. Afterwards, Matt went to my mom's to crash on her living room floor and I went back to our apartment to get the rest of the little things organized and get my makeup and such ready for the next day.

But it's funny because it's been eleven years and I think, jesus. We had no business getting married that young. None. It feels like a lifetime ago but really, eleven years isn't that long at all. Tomorrow I'll share a couple of wedding pictures. Surely I can find those on my computer somewhere. ;)

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