Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Best Mom EVER.

Back when I was the cutest seven  year old you had ever seen, my uncle Ron won tickets to see the New Kids on the Block off of the radio. (That maybe dates me there because does the radio have contests to win tickets anymore??) Anyways. I remember being dropped off with my mom to the concert in Tampa, Florida and it was just deafening. I knew right away that I was not wearing enough neon colors and my hair was not high enough. I was wearing the stone wash jeans and that redeemed me, but still.

It was my first concert ever and it was an experience.

Sure, we were in nosebleeds. Sure, we were maybe deaf for a day or two after. But it was totally worth it.

Now with my own daughter (I have two, that still feels weird to say), I always wanted to go to concerts with her because it's my favorite thing to do. Last year, I took her to her very first one and we saw Katy Perry. That was such a great show and a really great first concert.

This year I've been struggling what to get her for her birthday (she turns 10 in September) and my goal is to get her tickets to see Ed Sheeran in September, but right now I'm too broke for that. But on a total whim, I was just looking at the Groupon page for Minneapolis and I see.... tickets for $25 a seat for the One Direction concert.

No, I am not even kidding. There are seats available on Ticketmaster but they are well over $100 a seat. So I clearly bought three tickets (one for me, one for Olivia, and one for my mom) and we are going. This Sunday.

I may come home deaf. I'll no doubt be exhausted as hell on Monday. But it'll be totally worth it. Olivia will have a great time.

Now, excuse me as I brush up on my One Direction lyrics. 



The Flynnigans said...

You are the best AND coolest Mom ever!

Unknown said...

you win at momming. good job!

Ruth said...

Good find. We took my daughter to Tom Petty for her first concert. Concerts are a family thing. For graduation, her gift was Breaking Benjamin. Standing only and I thought I was gonna die, but it was good.