Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Penelope vs Olivia vs Jackson

So this post is just going to be picture heavy so I can make the case on whether Penelope looks more like Olivia or Jackson. Here we go.
Jackson one month old in bath. 
Olivia two months old in bath.
Penelope two months old in bath. 

Let's try some laying down photos, shall we? 

Jackson two months old

Olivia two months old

Penelope two months old

OK, next perspective? Tummy time! 

Olivia two months old 

 Jackson six months old (yes, he was a tiny kiddo, still is)

 Penelope two months old

And I have to add this one, because when I took the tummy picture of Penelope above, I immediately compared it to this photo, which I have framed in my front porch. That's Olivia at 3 months old. Clearly, you can all agree Penelope looks more like Olivia. 

They all look like their father. It's like my genetics aren't even coming into play. Jackson looks like me the most as a baby but even as he gets older. But I think we can also agree that I make exceptionally pretty babies. Which clearly should be an argument in the "yes" column for "should we have another one". 


Unknown said...

I think there's a stronger resemblance to Olivia. Also, I LOVE the name Penelope! Your babes are adorable :)

Unknown said...

Aww I understand! My son looks just like my husband. But at the end of the day doesn't matter what the babies look like just that they love you mama and they are all super cute!

Unknown said...

Well, I think Olivia and Jackson look most alike, and Penelope has her own thing going on. They are all absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

They are just the cutest! Jackson and Olivia are adorable!

Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

The Flynnigans said...

You've got some adorable looking babies doll, and you're going to be in trouble with Miss Thang is a teen.
Miss P has a tiny bit fuller cherub cheeks, at least from what I can tell..:
Very cute! ;)

Caitlin said...

SO cute! And yes, you are pretty great at making adorable babies! ;)
xo, Caitlin
And Possibly Dinosaurs