Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer breeze...makes me feel fine

One of my absolute favorite holidays is the Fourth of July. I absolutely love it, always have. It comes second only to Christmas for me. Since having kids, we have a tradition of going to the parade in the morning, having a BBQ for lunch, and then spending the late afternoon into the evening at Bayfront Park in Duluth for the Fourth Fest.

I think this was the first year that Jackson fully grasped the whole running into the street to get candy thing. These kids came home with as much candy as they would have on Halloween. Matt and I have enjoyed it immensely since they are gone for the week.
While waiting for the parade, which is heavily attended in Superior, they kept playing games and having a great time.
I absolutely love it when they play together and genuinely enjoy each other.

Penelope came too, but she hung out in the stroller for a little bit before falling asleep on Dad. Yup, this gal slept through the entire parade, never flinching when even the loudest of floats came by.
True to tradition, we had our lunch time BBQ at home and then packed our gear to head over to Duluth for the Fourth Fest. The gates open at 4, and they have different bands that play for several hours until the fireworks at 10. You eat food truck food, people watch, and enjoy a perfect Duluth Day. Which happened to be great until about 6, and then wind came off Lake Superior and let's just say I'm glad I bought a sweater, a large blanket, and a warmer outfit for Penelope, along with one of her fuzzy blankets. We needed it as the day went into evening.
The kids hung out, mostly rolling around in the grass like weirdos.
 Penelope again, slept through most of the fun, and totally slept through the fireworks.
She did manage to stay up for about an hour to flirt with Grandma and Grandpa.

 This year I was smart and bought a bunch of glow sticks and things that would light up when it got dark, versus last year when I got sucked into paying over the top prices for stuff you now they bought at the dollar store.
Glow bracelets, sticks, and glasses? MOM WINS.
Except Jackson threw away the little plastic connectors to turn the sticks into necklaces so he got to hold a bunch of short sticks like an idiot. He then argued all day that I didn't know what I as talking about.

Overall it was a great holiday. I got to thinking as the entire crowd was singing the Star Spangled Banner, thank goodness the Founding Fathers declared independence in July. Had they done it in January or something, this holiday would be lame. Something about summertime, warm weather, and BBQ makes it feel like a much cooler holiday.

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