Friday, August 14, 2015

Are you really 30something but a tween at heart?

I know some of you aren't even old enough to remember the greatness that was a Delia's catalog, then I feel sorry for you. Because nothing that has happened since or currently even comes close to a Delia's catalog.


I kept these catalogs for years. Long after the clothes and accessories weren't available, even for a year after they went bankrupt and closed. I refused to give up. I mean, all of the models were like personal friends of mine.

This model? I got my hair cut OFF to look like her. I wanted to be that skater girl, that could pull off a cardigan and long skit, and have that "I care about nothing" hair.

I distinctly remember going through this catalog for hours. Over and over again. I used to beg my mom to buy me ANYTHING out of it. Sadly, she always said no and said it was all too expensive. One year, there was a pair of lime green pants I wanted so badly.

I wanted these. I wanted them more than I wanted shoes. My mom said absolutely not, these were hideous. This is coming from the mom who tried to get me to wear saddle shoes for years. YEARS, people. I refused to wear them because they are ugly and I will wear anything else aside from those shoes. I never did get those pants and I'll be honest, if they were available, out of spite I'd buy them. All of these years later and I still love those pants, surely that means it's fashionably OK, right?

My 15 year old self also believed I needed a cocktail dress. Specifically the blue cocktail dress. It felt very Dawson's Creek and I imagined that I was really meant to be Joey from Dawson's Creek and that was something she would begrudgingly wear but secretly totally love it. Again, my mom told me I was 15, without a driver's license (or a job) and there was no reason I would need a cocktail dress.

The closest thing I got to anything from Delia's was the blue shirt I wore for my 10th grade pictures. It was silky and patterned and it was easily my favorite shirt ever.

This was the year I discovered the versatility of silver hoop earrings and decided I would never try to cut my bangs on my own again. Also the year I discovered Pacific Sunwear (before it was PacSun, that's how old I am) and Billabong. I was listening to New Radicals, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Garbage, etc. If I wasn't so incredibly uncoordinated, I would have tried skateboarding. It would have been a far cooler way to get to my job at Dairy Queen than the city bus full of sex offenders and one guy who was clearly mentally ill who kept asking me why the stripes of my shirt were screaming at him.

But the main thing here is that we all need to get excited because Delia's is BACK, baby. If that isn't the best news to start your weekend, I feel sorry for the crappy childhood you obviously had. I want Olivia to grow so I can mold her into my mini me. Who cares what she wants, right? Because this world needs a newer me. She is going to need the Delia's accessories and attractive bags to match every outfit. She's also going to need a sandal for every occasion. Especially if she's short, she'll have to have the platform ones.

Don't even get me started on the greatness that was inflatable furniture and glitter eye makeup that was so cold when you put it on and felt like weird putty but you endured because you wanted your eyes to sparkle so that cute guy you nicknamed Ernie, because your friend insisted we have code names for our crushes, would notice you in science class. Surely the light reflecting off the glitter slathered on my eyes would beam at him and it would be magical.

It never worked but I'm convinced I just wasn't using enough. I'll never make that rookie mistake again.


Unknown said...

This entire post- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I loved Delia's. I proudly wore my boots I ordered from them for years and still have never found ones that I liked as much.

I swear I'm reading my own thoughts! I loved the news portion.

Unknown said...

yes! i never got to order from delias, but i did get me some delias like things. the mini backpack purses, i too thought i needed that cocktail dress and you are so right, they were so Dawson. Go forth and make Olivia the coolest kid ever. she can be the trend setter in her school.

The Flynnigans said...

I never once ordered a single thing from delias but boy do I ever remember them. I ALWAYS wanted their catalogues and every single item within but it was always just out of my grasp. So instead, I oooh'd and ahhhh'd with dreamy eyes. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to love getting those catalogs!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! I loved delia's too! That's so cool that they're coming back.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one excited by this. I literally flipped through their site but then felt way too old.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

YES! I used to freak whenever a new Delia's catalog came! And then there was Alloy too, which was similar. I had a few things from Delia's. But not enough, of course! It was never enough!!!

menopausal mama said...

The Delia catalog is GREAT! My daughters used to grab it the minute the mailman dropped it off. Such cute stuff!

Domicile 37 said...

I remember Delia magazine and outlet store. I used to stock up on clothes from there whenever my mom would take us to the outlet mall....memories.