Monday, August 3, 2015

Chivalry isn't dead. At least at One Direction concerts.

I know I briefly mentioned that I was taking my soon to be ten year old daughter Olivia to see One Direction as a super early birthday present. It was kind of a last minute decision only spurred on because I found tickets on Groupon for $25 a seat and honestly, who passes that kind of thing up? I am thankful that my daughter isn't a One Direction hard core fanatic because some of the Olivia is a casual fan, only have two of their albums, but she does love concerts so I knew she would have a good time.

The concert was at the TCF Stadium in Minneapolis, MN and I had never been to a show there so this was fun for me just to see what this place is like. I do enjoy an outdoor concert, for sure.
Not a great picture, but this is Olivia outside of the stadium.

In keeping with tradition, I always buy an outfit for a concert so I feel like that's a fun tradition to pass on to her. So the Friday before the show, we took her to the mall so she could go to Justice and get an outfit that would double as a school outfit. She picks out this cute butterfly shirt, with a lace tank to go under it, and this super sparkly glitter silver high tops. You honestly could not miss her. The adorable thing was that the receipt was in the bag as she put her things away and when she saw how much it cost, she brings me the rest of the money she had, $4.00, and tells me I should have it. Um, love her so much. Obviously, I let her keep her money but the thought was really nice. 

Anyways, so my mom was going to come to the show with us because Olivia loves her a ton and I thought it would be a nice thing for us girls to do together. By the time we got to the stadium it was 90 degrees, full sun, and we were thirsty. We walk around and find a Burger King, get something to eat and drink, and then go stand in line for the doors to open. 

We stood out there for an hour. In full sun, no shade. 

Finally, doors open, it becomes pandemonium and we make our way to what ends up being really great seats. At first, we're in the shade and think, thank goodness. 

Olivia at our seats. 

The joke is quickly on us because the sun begins to move. We realize that we are going to be in full sun until the sun goes down and that really sucks. That sucks because none of us thought to wear a hat and there really isn't any way to shade yourself in that kind of situation. So we sit, quietly baking away, until the show starts. 

But what interested me the most was how many guys were at this concert. I'm not kidding, at least half were men. Granted, at least half of those are dads of little girls and/or gay, but the other half? Were there with girlfriends. Now, I don't know about you, but there isn't a chance that Matt would go to something like this with me. No way. Those guys are damn good guys if they are willing to sit through a One Direction concert with their significant other and lose their hearing from all of the screaming little girls. Sure, they were probably just hoping to get some at the end of the night but nonetheless, I thought it was nice. 
Icona Pop opened.

Another thing that surprised me? Was how Icona Pop was. I seriously enjoyed them far more than I enjoyed One Direction. Which says a lot because that annoying "I love it" song that is so grossly overplayed on the radio is annoying. But I actually really enjoyed their set and was disappointed that it was over. 
After the sun started going down, One Direction came onto the stage. Again, pandemonium ensued and I cannot even describe the level of loudness that we endured. I'm not kidding when I tell you my ears were ringing even the next day. 

Of course, they sang all of their radio hits, which is basically all that Olivia knows. 
If that's not the face of the happiest girl ever, I don't know what is. 

My favorite of the bunch.  

 My mom and Olivia's favorite. Of course. 

Overall? Olivia had a great time. I honestly don't know what the huge fuss is over One Direction, I didn't think it was that stellar of show to be honest. I do see the draw for young girls, and it was kind of adorable watching all the little kids lose their crap over the boys on stage. I very much remember being like that. Hell, I'm like that at Kings of Leon concerts so I can hardly judge. HA! 

By the end of the night though, I could tell Olivia was just losing steam and pretty quickly. I asked her if she wanted to duck out and she said yes. So we missed the encore. As we were walking down the stairs, they started playing "Story of My Life" and that is her favorite One Direction song, so we stood near the concessions and her and I danced along.

 I honestly can't believe my first baby is going to be ten soon. I really can't. In so many ways she reminds me of myself and other ways she is very much her own girl.
 I am so glad I was able to give her this experience and this memory. I know in a few years she'll likely be too cool to hang out with me, so I'm going to take anything I can get now.


The Flynnigans said...

Some really great pictures of the two of you. She's adorable. :)

Unknown said...

aww this soo needs its own scrap book!

Unknown said...

Awe. Sounds like you made it a super special birthday for her. I love that you and your mom both went to the concert too. I totally agree, husband would never go to a One Direction Concert. Ever. :)

Unknown said...

This is so stinking sweet! What a great day for your daughter and how endearing that she wanted to chip in for the clothes :) I can't imagine the look I would be given if I asked my husband to attend a One Direction concert. :) I couldn't tell you a single song of their's, so it's not likely to happen, but it's still entertaining to imagine! My oldest daughter is 6 and a half, so I imagine it's not too much longer until I'll be shopping around for reasonably priced tickets to see boy bands...

A Life of Love and Joy said...

Such a sweet post about a concert with your daughter! I saw One Direction on GMA yesterday morning. Boy do they have a lot of fans! LOL!

Caitlin said...

What a fun time! Looks like a gorgeous day, even if you were baking in the sun a bit. ;)
xo, Caitlin
And Possibly Dinosaurs

Neely said...

That is so fun! My parents took me to backstreet boys and I swear it made my life