Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My kids are like temperamental fish.

I'm sure every reader will tell me that it has been hot as hell this summer where they live as well. Normally I'm a fan of heat because I know in a few short months it'll be so cold my eyeballs will hurt to move because they are literally frozen.

In order to beat the heat, my in-laws helped us with the purchase of a pool and it has been the best thing ever. I've gotten in it once and that water is cold. Far too cold for my taste. But the kids apparently don't care because they've been out there on the brink of a rain storm, when it's absolutely too cold to be swimming, whatever. They absolutely do not care and will stay in until they are pruney and their lips are purple.

I've had a lot of fun sitting outside and watching them have an absolute blast. The other day they decided it's deep enough to do cannonballs. I'm not sure about that, but whatever. 

It's probably easier for Jackson since he's still kind of short. You'll see I've improvised with a foot washing station (Olivia is standing in it) by using the lid of a Rubbermaid container. Growing up poor makes you resourceful, that's for sure.

Yes, Jackson is currently using a planter as a bucket because I honest to goodness did not have money to buy new buckets this year. Or shovels. Or any kind of sand toy. It's fine, these kids are resourceful as well. We found a busted up baby pool in the attic area of our garage that was left by the previous owners. I managed to duct tape it well enough that it'll hold water and I thought Twinky would like it. He's been begging to stay outside, mostly because the new neighbors have a lady dog I think he's interested in, but as it turns out, he's terrified of the pool. Will not go near it. Oh well. Maybe next year.

I am pretty sure the oppressive heat has passed us for the summer since while we have gorgeous summer days still, there are times where that wind has just a hint of fall in the area. Which is ridiculous because it's only August. At least give me until September, Mother Nature.

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The Flynnigans said...

Hey girl, not everyone is a rich bitch, myself included so improving and using a Rubbermaid container or a plant pot, whatever bro, you're just being resourceful and saving unnecessary money on crap you don't reallllllllly need.

Love that you have a pool for them. They must LOVE that momma. I also refuse to swim in water less than at least 80. AT LEAST. Otherwise I freeze my ass off and could cut glass with my nipples and that's no Bueno! Hhsaahhaahahah
Your inlaws are super sweet and you must be grateful. :)

Xox love us homie