Friday, September 4, 2015

In the news: the internet has definitely lost it's mind.

It's Friday, which means I am recapping some news that I've read over the course of the week. Stay informed, friends.

Mars might have aliens, or it might be like the Jesus toast thing. I'm sure you've had at least one friend in your Facebook status share this story with a comment like, "See?? There ARE aliens." I'll agree that some of the photos do look like something. But a World War 1 helmet? How do you propose that got there? When you take all of the thing collectively, the helmet, an iguana, a squirrel, a pyramid, a skull, a dinosaur, a flying rock, a strange woman, and whatever else it ends up seeming like one of those I Spy puzzle books.

One Direction might come back, calm down. If you have a tween girl who follows the status of teen heartthrobs of One Direction, she was probably in tears when they said they were going on break. I know my Olivia wasn't in tears but she was bummed out and kept saying how happy she was that she at least got to go to their concert. But Simon Cowell says it's just a break, CALM DOWN. Louis is my favorite and he knocked some girl up, and Harry clearly wants to be a solo star, and who cares about the other two. So Olivia remains hopeful they will come back. I'm doubtful.

Kentucky Clerk is basically an asshole. After the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is marriage no matter what, there are still people who just can't follow the law. Shocker, right? This clerk in Kentucky wants special permission to not grant marriage licenses and asks for "asylum for her conscience". Now, in ANY OTHER JOB if you didn't want to do a specific part of it, you'd get fired. (Granted, she's elected so she can't just be fired but hopefully in the next election she won't even try to run.) Your role as a county clerk, among many other things, is to issue marriage licenses. Who cares what you think? Hell, I go to at least one wedding every year that I sit there thinking this is a complete waste of my damn time because they will be divorced within five. Statistically, people getting married have zero clue what marriage will entail and have this bizarre belief that "happily ever after" is a real thing and wind up divorce anyways. Maybe she should be more concerned about that perhaps. If you don't agree with gay marriage, that's fine. It's America, you totally have that right. But with that right means you keep it to yourself. Hell, there are tons of things about life I don't agree with, but I keep my mouth shut because though I don't like it, it doesn't really have a play in my life. Because I am selfish like that, I think of the impact on me before others. Do I care if a gay couple gets married? Nope. Because though it doesn't directly affect me, what if one of my children were gay? I'd like to go to their wedding someday so I'm inclined to say yes, that's a good thing. Anyways. Don't even get me started on her many marriages, kids with different dads (while still married), etc. Honestly, if she was so devout, she should be stoned because her behavior warrants that in the Bible. So.. there's that.

Hurricanes happen, why aren't we more organized? I'll be upfront right now and say I really have a hard time feeling bad for people who live on the waterfront who lose their homes and then cry on TV. Like, you live in the path of annual hurricanes and you act surprised your house is floating in the ocean. Anyways. Lots of reports on the rebuilding of New Orleans post Katrina and it's nice to see the city is rallying back because truth be told, I'd love to see it one day. But we are eyeing up hurricane season again (did you see what I did there?) and it baffles me how all of these cities along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean coast are just totally unprepared. How is it that after all of these awful storms, and some massive ones that made it into history books as a lesson on what not to do, are these cities not more prepared? How is it that people don't have their own evacuation plan? If you knew that maybe once a year you'd have to evacuate, wouldn't you have money stashed away for that? Or at least some kind of plan with the neighbors to carpool it out of there? Or in the 1950's when people were building bomb bunkers just in case, why don't cities have places like this where people can flee to and be reasonably safe? Seems crazy to me.

Just stop killing people. I am so tired of hearing about cops being murdered for doing their jobs. Are there some bad cops out there? Absolutely. Just like there is bad folks in every profession ever. I'm so tired about hearing people talk about "fuck the police" and how we live in a police state. I don't think you know what a police state actually is and before you declare the United States one, perhaps educate yourselves. You know why I didn't become a police officer, why it was never in my top 50 of maybe careers? Because people are fucking rude, entitled assholes. They are disrespectful. They always believe they are above the law and somehow consequences and rules don't apply to them. I hear some people say, "I can't conform", OK, well then enjoy fucking prison you dumbass. I just don't think it's a difficult concept. If I were a cop and I told you to put your god damn hands up and you do anything other than that? You damn right I'm going to shoot you. I'd be that cop to shoot you in the leg or something but still. I have zero tolerance for people not doing what they are told. Anyways. Stop killing police officers. They are sent day in and day out to horrific things you and I cannot imagine. They are pulling you over for speeding after coming from a crack house where there are obviously neglected and/or abused children. They have a right to be testy. No person, no matter the training, intellect, or reserve of calming techniques, can switch gears like that and have no carryover. It's not humanely possible. So give them a break. Do what you're told and stop breaking the fucking law.

OK lambs, that's it for this week! Tomorrow I'll show you that I am indeed working on scrapbooking the 481 pictures I just printed (all from 2012 and before, so I'm STILL NOT CAUGHT UP), and Sunday I show you chicken tacos. Stay tuned!

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Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

I regularly say that I'm on my third marriage. Who am I to tell someone if they can get married or not?! And isn't ol' Kentucky woman on her 4th? She and I need to sit down and have a chat.

I posted something similar about stop killing police in my post yesterday. I'm from Houston Texas, so the Houston murder of a sheriff hit way too close to home. I have friends who are police officers in Houston. That could easily been one of them. Besides being in the military, what job do you go to everyday with the knowledge that someone may shoot you?!?! I agree. Stop the fucking murders of police.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Kentucky lady is a psychopath!!! My mom said the exact same thing tonight, that if she's so religious she should want to follow the Bible...which means we stone her. Hahaha. And seriously...four marriages and she's all high and mighty? I feel like a lot of people only hold up the parts of their religion that are convenient for them. But she got fired! Hallelujah!

YES TO THE HURRICANE THING. New Orleans is one of my top places to visit in the US one day, and it's devastating to see the damage that hurricanes cause and have caused...but I would NEVER live in hurricane country. Nope nope nope. (Says the girl living in Seattle which will split off and fall into the ocean not if, but WHEN the big earthquake comes. I'm being a hypocrite like Kentucky lady. Hahaha!)

Unknown said...

I just heard about the gal from Kentucky last night. Good grief! She is something special altogether. . just wow.

Shann Eva said...

I seriously wish you had your own news show. It really isn't funny how stupid and rude people are, but the way you say it just cracks me up. I look forward to your posts every week :)

The Flynnigans said...

Sara needs her own SOMETHING. She has such a way with words.
I'm so tired of the news and the violence and sad crap in it. It's depressing, it's angering, frustrating....

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I was so glad she got removed and arrested! Who was she to tell people they couldn't get married!

Unknown said...

Sometimes when you work for the gov you give up certain rights my husband is in the air force can you imagine him being like ICANT WORK ON SUNDAY ITS AGAINST MY RELIGION it is but sometimes you do what you gotta do

Caitlin said...

These are great roundups! And yes, that Kentucky Clerk is an awful person.
xo, Caitlin
And Possibly Dinosaurs