Thursday, September 24, 2015

So I talked about being behind in life, right? Well these are from August. I know, it's almost two months ago. That is a good summary of my current situation- I'm two months behind.

Every summer the local children's museum has it's annual bubble fest. Truthfully, this is only the second time we've gone and I purposely got there at the beginning to guarantee we'd see bubbles. Last year we got there an hour before it was done and everything was basically over, they were out of supplies and it was a bit of a dud. This year we had gorgeous weather so I had it all worked out that we could stay there for awhile. We made it to everything in 15 minutes. It was... disappointing.

 The kids made bookmarks with bubble wrap used as stamps and acrylic paint.
 Jackson made sure he used EVERY color available whereas Olivia went for something a little more artsy.
I think this face sums up Olivia's reaction to the whole thing.

Jackson was more interested in getting bubble solution on himself.
Another station they had to make their own bubble wand or something out of.. string? Needless to say it was a mess and then didn't even work.
The station that took us the longest was the one where you make a wand out of pipe cleaners and straws. Matt got so annoyed that the people leading it had nothing pre cut for kids, didn't even have scissors that could cut through pipe cleaners, so he's whipping out his Leatherman multi tool and then ended up building the damn things himself. This is a great shot at Jackson's reaction.
He declares, "I'm pretty sure this isn't what it's supposed to be dad. I don't think this is how any of this works."
They had a vendor there to buy sweet treats and I had heard of them, never saw them in action. I'll tell you what- these people are making a killing off of Oriental Trading candy and campfire marshmallows you can buy at the store. Total rip off.
Olivia spent $.50 on a marshmallow, but because they didn't have change, she had to buy her brother a sucker. He was pleased with this turn of events.
Oh yes, here's my one picture of Matt getting angry at the arts & crafts table.

Overall? Kind of a dud. I think if you are a small toddler, this was probably the day of your life. Last year they at least had science experiments geared for older kids so that was what we were hoping for. Instead, the closest they got was a station that was going to make like, a silly putty, but none of the volunteers knew the actual ratio so all we got was a ziploc bag full of cornstarch and water that Jackson left in the van and it started to smell.

The only positive was that we got to spend the day together and it was gorgeous weather. We've hardly had any time together as a family this summer because of Matt's work schedule and me doing PTO stuff so it was nice to at least get one really great day this summer.

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Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun!

Unknown said...

Awe. I'm sorry the actual event was a little bit of a dud, but I love how you saw the bright side of spending time with your family. Too funny about the volunteers not knowing the ratio to make silly putty. Your kids are all the pictures!

Unknown said...

Well that stinks. I hate that when you think an event will be great for the kiddos and then its like what? really? But like you said. .at least you get to have family time!