Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Boo At The Zoo, Halloween season has started!

Honestly, it doesn't feel like October OR Halloween until we have gone to Boo at the Zoo. Every year it seems like the weather can be gorgeous or brutal and thankfully, this year we picked the weekend it was gorgeous.

Our poor little Lake Superior Zoo has had a rough few years. First we had a flood that not only killed several animals but basically ruined a bunch of habitat areas for animals. Which long story short, some of our favorite animals that survived have gone to other zoos because we don't have the money to fix up their living areas. Combine that with decreased funding, decreased attendance (through no fault of theirs), and some City Councilors who want to get rid of it all together, it struggles. We absolutely love the zoo. We can't go often because it IS expensive for us (this little outing cost us $40, but it will be more once Penelope is older), but when we do go, we always have fun.

This year for costumes was a struggle because again, we're poor. Penelope is a duck because it was the only costume left in her size when Target had a one day only 40% off costume flash sale. Olivia is a witch and Jackson is Iron Man because again, the only costumes left in their sizes when Target had a buy one/get one costume sale last week. So.. nobody's first (or second, or third) choices but we made it out the door with no tears.

Plus, it was such a warm day that nobody had to bundle up in winter gear! Woo hoo! I will say though, Penelope wasn't too impressed with her costume but she pretty much just licked it the whole time so we'll call it a win.
Easily the best part of the day was that ALL of the animals were really active! We spent more time walking around the zoo because all of the animals were out and about. The tiger came by the window a few times.
We saw the Flemish Giant Rabbits, and we got to hear Matt tell us all about them because this is what he raised in his 4H days as a kid. He says I can't have one though.
Jackson actually went up to people, all on his own, which is usually not the case. Most times he won't go to new people without his sister with him, so that was good to see.
Also? Our zoo does amazing themed areas. Seriously, whoever puts this together does such a fantastic job. In the primate area it was all designed around Nightmare Before Christmas and I can't say that I've ever seen that movie, but apparently my kids have and wanted their picture next to the tree.
Obviously the best part of the zoo is the Barnyard Area. Sadly, it wasn't "open" but I got to see the llama.
And my beloved goats. This one REALLY wanted to be my friend AND come home with me. I do not understand why Matt is so anti-goat. He even refused to take my picture with the goat.
But next to it are these little statues and Olivia said she wanted her picture on a goat.
Then my failure as a mother comes through after Jackson declared he wanted to sit on this goat. I had to explain to him it in fact, was not a goat, and he told me I don't know anything. So. There's that.
Penelope missed pretty much everything because all of her costume licking made her sleepy. Duck down.
Oh! But the zoo has wallabies now! I kind of want one of these as well.

Outside of the Australian exhibit though, there was this incredibly creepy guy with the scariest costume/face mask and he stood literally inches away from me. I turned around and not only did I scream, I almost peed my pants. He just stood there like a complete freaking creeper. Ugh. Not to mention that we saw a mom dressed as a sexy nurse and it was pretty clear she was not wearing underwear. It's like you want to shout at these people that this is a family friendly event and if you want to dress as a serial killer and/or hooker, maybe save it for the countless bar parties in the area.

So while waiting in line for candy, Jackson gave me his best super hero pose. Looks a little more Saturday Night Fever, but I'll take it.
Oh! Inside the main building it was a Harry Potter theme! I'm so sorry I didn't get a picture of the stuffed bear (it's massive, seriously) dressed as Dumbledore. Or the sign above the women's bathroom saying "Moaning Myrtle's Washroom". But I did get the kids' picture taken on the wanted poster.
 Such a fun time wandering in there.
We sat outside for awhile so the kids could eat some candy and we could enjoy the last of the nice days without having to be bundled up.
All of my kiddos. It still feels weird to see another cutie in these pictures.
Overall? The day was good. We had such a good time, spent a couple of hours walking around, saw a few familiar faces, thanked a local police officer for doing what he does for his job (and he seemed taken aback but also grateful), and spent time all together for the first time in awhile. We really don't get many days together as a whole unit so it's nice when we do.

BUT. We're officially broke now until the 21st so no more fun for us. Next weekend there are some free local activities in our city so I'm hoping to take the kids there for a bit. Still not sure if Penelope will trick or treat with the big kids and I, we'll see how the weather is, I suppose.


thotlady said...

Love the photos. I am glad the weather cooperated.

The Flynnigans said...

All of the kids' costumes look fantastic! I especially ducky Penelope :-)

Great pic of you, her and Matt, too.

I'm so thankful this past weekend was a bit of an Indian summer. It was cold up at Jeff's parents but where we live, it was t shirt weather.

Julie H said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy the time with them doing this kind of stuff since the kids get big so fast :( Mine are too big for all the fun stuff.