Thursday, October 8, 2015

Canal Park, fresh air, and awesome stuff.

Let's talk about the Strand Family last hurrah of summer before we usher in fall and base layer clothing.

The last real fun/warm weekend of the summer was September 20. I had done The Color Run (more on that later) and after washing up at home, I decided we should go back to Duluth, walk around Canal Park, and I would get the rest of the stuff for my super awesome Mail Swap Box because my partner was my super awesome friend Shirley and she deserves nothing but the best. BUT, we walked around first.
Penelope enjoys stroller rides and wind. Does not care for birds. AT ALL.
The kids climbed the rocks and took goofy pictures with dad.
Jackson wanted to pretend he was a bird.
And of course, my natural flamingo wanted to pretend, too.
We went through the free Maritime Museum, too. The trees behind the kids in this picture is where Matt and I had some wedding photos done.

But the real treat was walking through all of the shops. Hands down, the shops in Canal Park are the BEST. All locally owned, all have weird things, which is perfect because I absolutely had to get fun stuff for Shirley's box. I now wish I had taken close up pictures of the smaller things but oh well.
I had to get her the "Duluth is a cool city" shirt because when she was here it was the coldest winter on record and she was convinced she would die. She didn't, but even I have to admit it was cold! I got her socks that say "hellraiser" on them with a girl on a bike. A copy of The Raven  by Sylvain Reynard because he is a GREAT author. A copy of Kacey Musgraves new CD because I had bought it earlier and some of the songs remind me of things Shirley and I have talked about. Two bags of locally made candy, a coaster that says "you aren't the only hoe at this hoedown", a bag of local soup mix (which smells good when you cook it but I don't eat soup so I can't tell you if it's any good), some mints or gum with a funny container, and then some soap with an equally funny container. All packed into a very small box.

As Shirley says, Matt should be alarmed at my excellent packing skills because I probably could get his body into a handbag. HA! So I had a good time shopping for her. I was going to get her another tube of Dr. Pepper chapstick but dammit if every store wasn't sold out. JERKS.

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stylebymash said...

I love Duluth. Specially during the summer and fall time and winter is so different experience as well!

Mash |

Alexandra S said...

Looks like a fun trip! And I love the photos where your kiddos are pretending to be birds :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I adore Duluth. If we didn't want to go somewhere warmer and I didn't hate winter I think I'd want to move there. It is just so beautiful.

Unfortunately winter and I are enemies and Duluth has a lot of winter =-/

The Flynnigans said...

Liv's legs are crazy ass long wow!!!
I love the awesome package you put together. :)