Friday, October 23, 2015

In the News: Jen wins, ugly cars, bad moms, and bad drivers.

Let's just do it, folks.

Jen WINS everything. God dammit, Jennifer Aniston is just the greatest and she is a thousand times better than Angelina Jolie. You screwed up, Brad Pitt. I cannot stand Angelina Jolie, I don't care if she's adopting a million kids, doing political stuff trying to save people, or having her boobs removed because of cancer. I feel like once you do something so heinous as stealing another woman's husband, you really can't redeem yourself. Brad Pitt has gotten all douchey as he ages and ugh. The worst. Jen Aniston is like, grace and beautiful and I love her. Now that she's married to Justin Thiroux, it's like she has won the lottery. His is gorgeous and hilarious and I love him. I don't know how the universe has not exploded. 

Pull your shit together, Ohio. So in Ohio, people  must be hardcore Halloween enthusiasts who have life like decorations up to scare the shiz out of the neighbors or something. I mean, that's the only plausible excuse that a murdered woman is mistaken for a Halloween lawn ornament, right?

Olivia Pope is not real. Tell me you don't read this story and instantly want to be friends with this moron. Bless her heart, thinking Olivia Pope is real in her drunken state.

Nobody wants your car, Little Tykes. At first I thought this was a joke because a couple of years ago I saw a photo on Facebook that someone had taken in a parking garage where someone had their small vehicle painted to look like the Little Tykes car. But the company itself made a vehicle to model their toddler size version and shocker- nobody wanted it. I mean, who wants to spend money on what looks like a large golf cart? Yes, it can go 70 mph but imagine getting into accident. Good gravy.

Teen Mom Leah, loses custody. Shocker. Once upon a time, when I had cable, I would watch Teen Mom on MTV pretty regularly. Not because it was stellar programming but because I cannot wrap my head around teen pregnancy, at all. I remember being a teen and being terrified to get pregnant. I went above and beyond to take precautions because I knew I wasn't equipped in any way to take care of a baby. I mean, I broke my egg within an hour of the class that makes you simulate having a kid. We only had so many dolls so the rest of us got an egg and I broke mine almost immediately. But Leah was one of the moms who I really thought might get her crap together. But nope, not even close. First off, she basically shits on her relationship with Corey Simms, who seems like a great guy. Cheats on him, gets all whiny when he isn't home because he's WORKING and every time he tries to do something to make it better, she would cry and whine. Fast forward and she's on kid #3, marriage #2, addicted to prescription medication and an overall hot mess. But by god, she's got her nails and hair done all of the time. I'm not saying you have to look like a slob but I am saying that maybe priorities aren't where they need to be and this is going to be for the best. God knows no kid needs to grow up like that.

Oh, the CIA guy was maybe hacked. Awesome. What is insane to me is that we have been talking about Hilary Clinton's email issue for years and the CIA Director's email possibly being hacked? Mentioned so briefly and that's it. I'm not saying that Hilary didn't make a boo boo, but I am saying that I am far more worried about a CIA Director's email being hacked by a god damn HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, no less that I am about Hilary. It's this kind of thing that makes me want to shake people.

Road rage- I can't even. So there was some kind of incident on the road and this little 4 year old girl was shot by some guy who, apparently, was angry at something her father did while driving. The dad thought he heard gun shots and noticed his daughter was bleeding, so pulled over and tried to help her out. Turns out, she was shot and she later died. Over driving. They caught the guy but details beyond that are slim. Sad stuff.

God damn punks and Twitter. Imagine you're a mother and you just found out your 16 year old boy was hit by a car and died at the hospital. You're there, you're grieving, and all of a sudden, your niece comes to tell you that the person who hit your son posts a picture of his body with the tweet, "I just killed a man, RIP". I mean, ugh. This poor mother. Add to that the driver of the car also tweeted he had been ingesting "lean" which is cough syrup and soda (Which, gross. I mean, come on. Whoever thought that was a good idea is an absolute moron.). Both tweets have been deleted but the end of the article where the mom said she doesn't want to go home because she has to pack her son's clothes and give away his shoes? Ugh. Just makes my heart hurt for her.

OK, lambs. That's it for this week, I'll have more next week. I'll have a Try It Sunday for you this week, and lots of good posts for next week. Follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss anything! 

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Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

YES TEAM JEN!!! I can't believe people just thought this body hanging on a fence was a Halloween decoration... Yikes. Okay that Little Tykes car is so dumb!!! So expensive, and it doesn't even have glass in the who would want to go 70 in it?! Seriously, just get a Smart Car and have it painted if you want a replica.