Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mailbox Swap!

Oh man, I totally almost forgot to get this post out!

So this is my second month doing the Mailbox Swap for a Facebook group I'm in. For the month of September I got partnered up with my friend Shirley so I knew my box was going to be on point because she knows me well enough that I would trust her to clean up any of my stuff that might be best if nobody saw them when I die.

When my box came I had just gotten a text saying she forgot a book but that would be coming separately. Which, FUN.

Her packing skills are not on point like mine. She says I could get a body into a handbag and I'm certain that I could as well.
So I got this super adorable wall hanging that I am totally going to put pictures and artwork on. I got a shit ton of candy that I may or may not have eaten. The orange slices were my lunch and I am not ashamed of that. I got a super cute spatula, washi tape (which I'm sure came from her hoard and she's trying to bring me to the dark side), and then this:
Not going to lie... I'm kind of scared. Jackson is not scared. Jackson is all in and thinks this is HILARIOUS. But let's be honest, I'm poor and out of chapstick so tough times call for this.

She also sent me kiddos Flarp which is driving me up the wall. I actually am hearing fart noises in my sleep because when Jackson can't sleep, he's in his room playing with the Flarp and making the loudest possible noise that he can. Touche, Shirley. Touche.

But the best?! Is that Shirley and I are partners again for October and I already have an epic idea for her box. Honestly, I might have to bow out after it because I don't know if I can top it. EEK!


Unknown said...

hilarious! What is this mailbox swap you speak of? It sounds like fun!!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

What a fun box! That sounds like a good time and yay for being matched up with a friend for it :)