Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh yes, Olivia is a tween.

Holy shikes, I totally forgot to tell you about Olivia's 10th birthday... at the beginning of September! Jesus. I am not kidding, I feel like I'm losing it, lambs.

So this year for Olivia's birthday I really didn't have much money. I barely had enough to get her a gift (a shirt, a cool water bottle for school, a book, and some neon pens) but I certainly couldn't afford to give her a "party". Which, we kind of ended the big parties on their 6th birthday because I just can't afford it. Instead, I try to plan a fun family day with them. Way back in June I bought a Groupon for Minnesota Children's Museum in the Twin Cities, buy one/get one. So for $20 I got all of us in.

Turns out, that place kind of sucks. It reminded me a lot of the Children's Museum where we live and it's all just super boring and shitty. I called the desk BEFORE I bought the Groupon, explained I had a 7 and would be 10 year old and if there was enough for them to do/see. She assured me that oh yes, they have a TON of exhibits and over half are geared towards their age. Um, no. There was one exhibit they liked and that was where they could take a bike tire off. We were in and out of the place in a half hour. Total bust but thank god I didn't pay more to get in.

After that, we went and had some lunch and drove to where my brother lives with his wife and daughter. We haven't seen them much and it's a big to-do for us to drive down there (a little over 2 hours away from us) so I thought it'd be nice to see them for Olivia's birthday, see his new place, and swim at the pool that's in their townhouse complex. We get there and decide that we'll take the kids swimming first because it was looking like it might rain and I have been talking this up for weeks since again, I couldn't afford the water park, so I was not letting them leave without going into a pool.
 I bought a float for Penelope, and a swim suit, but you can tell she wasn't pleased.
Like really not pleased.
My other kiddos LOVE the pool! They swam with no floats and were pretty excited!
Penelope still was not pleased.
She decided to hell with us all, she's taking nap. And still looks angry.
After a few minutes, my niece totally loved it!
It did start to rain, so we headed back to my brother's place and grilled a few things. Had some cake (which I couldn't afford so my brother and sister in law covered it for me because they are gems).
Olivia got a bunch of scrapbooking stuff from my mom, a guitar stand from my dad, and some cute school clothes from Travis and Krystle.
Sadly, I got TERRIBLE pictures of the babies, just 5 months apart, playing together. I'm super bummed! They had a good time staring each other down.
On her "actual" birthday, Olivia got to decided what we had for supper and she of course chose tacos. No surprise there!
It's so hard to believe my little Olivia is already a tween. I really cannot even handle it. It really does seem like yesterday I was bundling her up and trying to figure out this parenting thing.
But even the littlest of girls grow up eventually


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

OLIVIA'S PIGTAILS IN THE LAST PICTURE! Too good. I also love Penelope's flamingo swimsuit. Too bad about that children's museum though!

The Flynnigans said...

You may not have been able to shower her with gifts but she sure does sound like she got a lot and she looks genuinely happy.
I love that you're so genuine and authentic. What you see is what you get. I love that about you my friend. Why candu coat shite!?


thotlady said...

Very sweet photos.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Awwww, it's crazy how time flies. My friend's twins turned ten this year and at their party I was just in awe...wasn't I just changing their diapers and making sure they won't open and touch everything they come across?! Love the pics, even the blurry are just so much fun {and a lot of work too...I know that, even "just" as an auntie"}.