Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Penelope... 5 months!

I know, I did a post on Penelope yesterday, but it's also worth noting that Miss P is officially five months old now!

We are SO close to sitting all on our own. She can sit well propped up and for a few seconds with no prop. But she can sit well with her hands forward!
SO much personality!! This girl is so much fun to be around. She is a great mix of Olivia and Jackson. She's sweet like Olivia and funny like Jackson. She loves to be talked to and she will cuddle with anyone.
She makes the BEST faces. Seriously. This face... I have such a hard time not kissing her pretty constantly.
She's discovered her toes and loves them. I don't think she fully understands that even with socks on, they are still there. She doesn't totally play with her feet with socks on but as soon as you take them off it's like her long lost friends have arrived.
Both Olivia and Jackson were in love with "babies" (known to you and I as stuffed animals) and they would love on any of them. I really think Penelope is going to be a blanket baby. You give her a fuzzy blanket and she gives you the biggest smile. She won't nap unless she has some kind of blanket to rub her face on.

She is SO wiggly. Truly. If you hold her, have a tight grip because she starts wiggling pretty hard out of no where. She loves to be in her jumperoo. We bought a Johnny Jump Up (we've never used one with my other kids) and she doesn't like to jump in it so much as swing. I have it set so she can't touch the ground right now and she LOVES when someone pushes her in it like a swing.

She continues to adore Olivia and Jackson. They are so great with her. Honestly, I was so worried about the 7 year gap between my babies and all of that worry was for nothing. As it turns out, big gaps like this are SO great. Sure, maybe later on it'll get tough but right now? It's perfect. Olivia loves to carry Penelope around the house and Penelope loves it, too. Jackson gives Penelope "puppet shows" every day, pushes her in our make shift swing, and plays toys with her.

Anytime she's fussy (which really is rare) if you put music on, she gets happy. She's such an agreeable baby, hands down the easiest of all. I feel bad this isn't the one my mom gets to watch all day, every day (she was my daycare for the other two so I could work) because Penelope is a dream. Honestly, she's the only reason I'm considering one more. (I know, a post for another day). Matt says Penelope is so easy maybe a fourth would be fully self sufficient. HA!


Unknown said...

Adorable Kid!

Mash | www.sarmash.com

Unknown said...
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Branson said...

She is so incredibly precious! It really is amazing how fast it goes!

The Flynnigans said...

God I remember reading when you were counting down to her BIRTH! Crazy days. Time needs to stop flying, it's out of control and I can't take these days just flying away on me. I can't imagine what it's like having children and the passage of time.
Well,, officially, happy birthday miss pretty little thing, you are a charmer and an entertainment for many over the globe (thank you fb!).
Maybe a fourth WILL be self sufficient :-) lol

Domicile 37 said...

Little P is giving me some serious baby fever! LOL! She is so stinkin' cute!

Shann Eva said...

She is so sweet and adorable. I love that she doesn't realize where her toes have gone with socks on. I think it's wonderful to have two helpers too.

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness this is so precious! I love her little tuft of hair. :)
xo, Caitlin
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