Monday, October 5, 2015

Penelope... kind of hates actual food.

I should start this by saying that with my older two kids, they were eating table foods by 10 months. Yes, they'd still get their bottle, but they didn't mess around with baby food much and by 10 months they were eating whatever we were eating at the table. And it was totally fine. They weren't loving rice or oatmeal cereal, but they were down to eat something like we were. Jar foods also were a bit hit and Jackson loved anything orange so much that he actually started turning orange so we had to lay off of them for awhile. So I assumed Penelope, who is a far more voracious eater than the other two EVER were would totally love starting first foods. She gets so angry if I try to eat and she's constantly trying to grab at my food, so I thought- she's totally ready. 

As it turns out, hilarity ensued and she is not pleased. 

My first attempt was right after her 4 month check up. I figured rice cereal was pretty bland and we'd just mix it until it was watery with her formula. 

She was suspicious of the spoon and as soon as I put it in her mouth it was clear that she was totally onto me.
The looks this girl gives when she isn't happy are kind of hysterical.
Just total displeasure in the turn of events. I decided feeding her around dinner time would be a good routine to get into since she sits with us when we eat anyways, but also because she's generally super hungry at this point.
As it turns out she wasn't happy.
She didn't cry, she just gave us angry faces and her little hands would shake. I anticipate that being a fun addition to a temper tantrum later on.
Mostly though if she saw the spoon coming towards her she'd squeeze her lips shut as tight as she could. After about 10 minutes I gave up and decided to wait.

Fast forward three weeks. This time I've let her play with the spoon a few times so she knows it's not this weird, scary thing. I decided to say screw it with the rice cereal, what if I did a pear/pea mix.
Gave her the spoon, she was pretty agreeable at this point.
First taste and then gave her the spoon again. No tears, no shaking, I was pretty optimistic at this point.
Quickly discovered she has zero interest in the spoon going into her mouth, she would much rather lick the spoon, like a puppy.
If you let her lick the spoon clean, she's totally happy and will willingly eat. Put the spoon in her mouth and it's mutiny. 

So... I was going to try again this afternoon at lunch time, just to see. I'm not really rushing the solids yet because I don't need to. She's clearly on track for height and weight. I have another small jar of pear and pea left so maybe I'll try that again, but add a little cereal to it. One of my favorite memories of when Olivia was a baby (and truthfully, I don't have many because I was pretty deep in post partum depression for her entire first year) was feeding her at lunch time. Saturdays were the only day of the week I was alone with her for the entire day and it always stressed me out the entire week. I was truly worried I wouldn't keep it together and something awful would happen. I'd stress out over how to take care of her by myself and meal times were the worst. But I do remember sitting in our tiny kitchen, with her in her high chair, carefully exploring foods. Nothing more than that, just a memory I've got from a really foggy year. 

So we'll see. I'll keep trying with Penelope, she's got to come around some time, right? :) 


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! She is hilarious! My oldest wouldn't eat any baby food ever. The twins were better about it, but now that they are three, have become very fussy and just want sweet things. That is too funny that your son loved orange food and turned a little orange. Much of the first year with my oldest son is also a bit of a fog. I was so sleep deprived, it made me feel like I was going crazy. I also have had depression and anxiety most of my life, so that didn't help. I'm glad you're doing OK now. If you ever need to chat, I'm here for you.

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

Love the faces!! She's so cute.

Domicile 37 said...

She is so cute! I think I may have baby fever! All of my kids were big eaters.