Friday, November 13, 2015

In the News: Jems aren't as bright as diamonds, cup shenanigans, and more!

You guys! Are you loving the new look of the blog? I have to confess I am still in love with it and I cannot get over the fact I installed this bad chick by myself.

I mean, golf claps all around, right?

Anyways. Let's talk about the news:

1. Jem sucked ass. I'll be the first to tell you I was excited about this movie. I watched the cartoon as a kid, I had Jem underwear, I wanted star earrings and big hair, and a boyfriend named Rio. But let's be honest, the trailer for that movie was AWFUL. I thought it was a spoof at first then it was clear that it was actually the real deal. Sad stuff. The movie studio pulled it from all theaters after two weeks, and I hope the actors in this have a plan b for their careers because after this, I doubt we'll see any of them again.

2. Trump wants you to boycott. The Starbucks cup hoopla is absolutely bonkers. I'm not even sure if this is a real outrage of if this is Starbucks' way of getting PR, because I don't know anyone who is actually offended by the red cup. I mean, red is a Christmas color. If your Christmas is ruined, or even pissed on a little bit, but the design of a disposable cup, I feel like it's safe to say you probably don't know the actual meaning of Christmas so maybe stop assuming Jesus is upset in any way. If you're going to boycott, that's fine, but I ask that you take the $5+ you were going to spend on a ridiculous beverage and maybe buy a meal for a homeless person or do some kind of actual charity and see if that Christmas spirit does anything for you.

3. Just trying to eat some damn pancakes. I think what scares me the most about sinkholes is that you never know when they'll open up or where, and there isn't a damn thing you can really do about any of it. Like the poor bastards, trying to eat some pancakes at IHop, who saw the entire parking lot go into a hole. They aren't calling it a sinkhole technically but shut up, it's a sinkhole. It's a giant friggin' hole in the damn ground. I keep watching the video of a tow truck trying to get a car that was on the edge and they totally dropped it into the hole. I keep thinking the owner of that car was probably right there and losing his shit screaming, "You had one job!!".

4. Cancer sucks hard. I keep thinking about the country singer who is in her last days of cervical cancer. There was a post this week about how she's now entered hospice and they are managing her pain through medication but most notably- she's saying goodbye to her one year old daughter. I look at Penelope and think, how in the hell is this woman doing this? I know you do it because you have no other choice but how do you give a little person every bit of love you have and hope it lasts their lifetime? That they always know your last thoughts were of them and their future? It breaks my heart. The recordable books were so smart, I bet their little girl will cherish those.

And in other, not national news, but things that are irritating me:

1. Stop it with the passive aggressive crap. Seriously. I have had a couple of people friend me on Facebook, then unfriend me, then apparently block me, then try to re-friend me again. No thanks, psycho. First off, I really try to tell people why I unfriend them. Sometimes I don't need to because it's a bit obvious. Other times I'll say, "Hey- I'm unfriending you on FB because while you're a cool person, some of the things you post on there are offensive and I don't want to see it on my feed every time I go on there." I mean, just like in real life, you would tell a person why you're breaking up with them, right? I have zero time for people who are going to be passive aggressive. If you have a problem with me, you let me know and we'll hash it out like adults. But be prepared to get it back when I tell you what I really think of your twelve year old behavior.

2. I've decided any chick who flat out tells you she doesn't have very many girl friends because they are drama is waving a red flag in front of your face. If a girl cannot keep friends, it's probably them that's the drama and you should just back away slowly.

3. Why can nobody navigate the zipper merge method on the on/off ramps of a highway?! WHY? It's such an easy concept and honestly, I beg you to get off the road if you can't do it. Seriously.

4. If you are driving a rusted out 1996 Dodge Neon with 3 donut tires, and none of your car doors are the same color as the body of the car, you need to peel the "Fear This" sticker off of your windshield.

Ok, everyone! That's it for this week. Come back tomorrow and I'll show you a few new things I've got for my Etsy shop. Otherwise, otherwise I'll be back on Monday! Happy weekend, lambs!

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annies home said...

loved reading the news, you seemed to make it even better sharing it your way. yes there is so much going on in the world but not all of it affects us so I love how you gave the rundown and allowed us to relate

The Flynnigans said...

The woman dying and the pic of her cuddling her child is just so chilling and sad.

The sinkhole is quite long eh? God damn drain thingamabob.

K I promise you that I'm not drama, I just can't be bothered with most chicks because I can't be bothered with the bullshit or catty shit. Life is too short and I don't care to be around people that don't bring me joy or uplift and support me, you know? So I keep to myself. I think it's also because I'm an only child.

That's a wee bit fkd up with the asshats adding, deleting, readding then blocking you. Sounds very bipolar lol

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

I'm so with you on your points! And amen to the passive aggressive people out there! Over it.

Unknown said...

I'm loving your new look. It's so happy! I think the whole Starbucks thing has to be made up. Actually, maybe Donald Trump made it up, and he's going to be opening his own coffee chain soon.

Something Gold, Something Blue said...

I love your new blog design! It is so colorful and makes me happy :D I totally agree about the Starbucks cup debacle - I am just like, I really love my peppermint latte and don't really care what type of cup it is in (as long as it's clean). I am glad this is starting to wind down a bit....

Domicile 37 said...

Your new site looks GREAT! for a moment Thought you were stranded, but then I realized it is your title...haha! I love your sarcasm and point of view. Great read like always!

Neely said...

The starbucks crap made me ragey!