Friday, December 11, 2015

In The News: Trump dumped, Saint is marching in, and drugs are bad.

Oh man. I skipped last week because let's face it- all that was important was the mass shooting in San Bernadino and I just didn't have it in me to find something funny. Because it's not funny. The gun situation in this country is out of hand and it's terrifying to think that people think the solution is more guns. It's like giving drug addicts more drugs because maybe if they have enough bad experiences they'll quit. It's insane.


Let's talk this week.

Trump was dumped. Donald Trump has always been a moron but I'm not kidding, the fact he has lasted this long in the running of the Republican nomination is astounding to me. It's terrifying. I cannot use enough adjectives to cover what an insane situation this is right now. To recap, he was on a morning show and wouldn't answer questions so they cut to break. They came back and he was still talking. Now some people will say this is just smart and shows he won't take shit. I think it shows he's an arrogant asshole who believes he should always get the last word despite how rude and disrespectful he is. That's not something to be proud of. I won't even talk about the absurdity of the things he's said this week because honestly, if you are a Trump supporter I suggest you file your fear away and look at the base of his comments. Take away everything you know about what's happening and listen to the statements without all of the context he fluffs around it. These are hateful statements that should scare you. He essentially hates everyone who is not white and Christian. And I don't know where you live but that's not the majority of this country anymore. You need to be seriously worried.

Tia Mowry isn't pregnant, and stop asking. Tia has a cooking show, which I've admittedly never seen because I'm too poor for cable TV. But apparently she's put on a few pounds which in Hollywood means you've kicked up rumors of being pregnant. Turns out she isn't, and she's taking to Instagram to say that asking someone if they are pregnant is a form of body shaming. And... I have to agree. I guess I never really thought about it after I had Olivia and Jackson but now that I've had Penelope and I've really tried to lose weight by watching what I'm eating (and portion sizes) and doing something active everyday, it's not coming off. My shape is changing, kind of, but weight is not coming off. It's depressing. Any man who says a woman's figure should and could bounce back ought to be punched because it doesn't. It's bad enough as a woman to look at what pregnancy and child birth does to your body on the inside but also on the outside, we certainly don't need anyone letting us know that we look bigger. Stop being assholes.

Saint. I can't even. First it was North, and that's ridiculously stupid all on its own. It's stupid, I said it. But as soon as I heard they were expecting a boy, I KNEW, it was going to be over the top stupid. Kanye is so full of himself I'm surprised his head hasn't morphed out of his ass yet so it was only a matter of time. I mean, I'm surprised he hasn't held the kid out the window like Michael Jackson because honestly, we all know he wants to. But Saint? Never mind the fact that pretty much every message board someone was cracking jokes about Kim dating someone from the Saints and how maybe it was a tribute to all of the players she had sex with. Which, cruel but... probably true. But Saint? I feel terrible for this kid because he better be REALLY good at something as an adult otherwise he's going to look like a moron working a fast food joint with Saint on his name tag.

Scott Weiland. I posted this earlier in the week but it's really profound. It's a letter his ex-wife Mary wrote in regards to his passing and what it means for his kids. What really struck me to the core was how she said they didn't just lose their father, they lost him years ago, but what they really lost was their hope. And, as a parent, I can't imagine what she is going through right now in trying to navigate her children through the stages of grief, hoping it doesn't derail them in the future. It's a really poignant piece on how as a society we actually encourage the excess of rock and roll and how really, it's a selfish act. We don't think about the artist, or their families, but we just want more and more of them, even if it is awful. Then we almost bask in their passing and say, "I've been a fan since the beginning" and it's really embarrassing to say you supported that behavior. It's sad. So my heart goes out to his kids because man, what a shit set of cards they were dealt.


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Donald Trump is an awful, AWFUL human being and every time I see a positive status/comment about him my heart hurts. Why do people think this is okay?! UGH.

Also, don't get me started and the Kartrashians and Kanye. Sheesh.

And it's ridiculous how men (or society in general I guess) wants women to cook and clean and have kids and raise said kids and be in supermodel top shape (as in back to before kids shape like three days after giving birth)...especially because for a stay at home mom, sometimes they are given flack like, "Oh you don't work, your life is easy." UM HELLO?! Because nobody has expectations for men.

Julie H said...

My husband doesn't see what is wrong with Trump. Obviously we don't discuss politics in our house. I was totally waiting for his family to get into the Trump talk at Christmas but thank God that never happened.