Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Father Daughter Dance 2016

For the last five years I've made it a priority to make sure Matt takes Olivia out to the Father Daughter Dance for some one on one time. He works a lot and the truth of the matter is he really doesn't spend much time for the kids. For the most part, they understand and are OK with that but if I tell them they have a day with Dad all to themselves, they usually get pretty excited.

They usually go with our friend Chad and his daughter Kennedy (her mom Tammy is one of my best friends) and the girls get along so well and the guys do, too, so it's a fun annual night out.

This year I didn't have money for a new dress or to get her hair done so she wore the same dress she had for her holiday sing along at school and we did a really pretty bun in her hair because she wanted to wear a headband that matched the sparkles in her dress.
The girls had a great time being goofy and picking at their dinner and enjoying kiddie cocktails.
Olivia even danced with Matt a few times.
They were out pretty late, and it was the night before Valentine's Day, and she had other things she was invited to but ended up sleeping most of the day she was so tired! But it was really good to hear how much fun she had and it's nice that Matt is able and willing to go to these things with her even though he hates crowds and people in general. Ha!

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The Flynnigans said...

I loved seeing you post about this on Facebook. She looks so happy and proud her daddy is there with her. :-) Glad they all had a great night out!!