Friday, March 25, 2016

Playing catch up... 10 months

I know I am so behind so this weekend I'm going to set aside some real time to bring you post every day next week to get you up to date on what's happening with the Strands. It's been an eventful March to say the least.

First and foremost, Penelope turned 10 months at the end of February. Yes, I realize how behind I am. Let's just be happy I got this post up before I do her 11 month pictures. It's now becoming harder and harder to do these because she's just too damn mobile and my actual camera is really terrible. It's actually more likely that I don't know how to use it.

OK, so at 10 months Penelope is definitely a mover. She stands assisted, constantly pulling herself up on things. She's trying hard to take tentative steps while holding onto something, and that's exciting and terrifying all at once.
She really, really, REALLY hates the monthly sticker. I cannot emphasize it enough how much she hates the sticker.
She can be mildly placated with the shaking of a fun toy or if you start singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", which used to be the only way I could get her to finish her bottle. It's kind of become a calm down song and I'm OK with that.
Honestly, though? She's a super happy baby. She's always (usually) smiling, she really loves to play with toys. She absolutely loves touch and feel books and now every book she expects there to be some fun texture on every page. She likes to pet Twinky (the dog) and she really loves Stumpy (one of the four cats) because his tail is basically a stump (hence the name and yes, he was born that way) and she wants to put the stump in her mouth. For his part, Stumpy is a pretty good trooper and will throw himself at her in the hopes that she will figure out how to pet and spank him.
Her favorite activity is if you put a small bin of toys in front of her, she likes to go one by one checking them all out before deciding what to play with. She's just learning how to put things back. But her favorite toys are balls with bells or noise makers in them, Little People, big chunky Lego type blocks, and these small wooden animal beads I found at Walmart. Yes, she puts them in her mouth but she mostly likes to bang them together and put them in and out of the plastic bag I store them in.
Oh and she adores me. She is always right next to me. She really loves my mom, too which is just awesome. My mom is so good with little kids and my older two adore her so I'm glad Penelope loves Grandma Cindi just as much considering she isn't with her all day every day like the older two were when I was working.
I also forgot to share the photos I had done for her 9 month pictures. Whoops! That was a really awful experience, and I hate to say that because I have gotten every milestone and family picture done at JCPenney for the last 12 years because it's fast, I can make a last minute appointment, and it's in my budget. But holy man. They had some really shit "photographers" there this last time and I only had a handful to chose from. But the older kids (on absolutely accident) had their 9 month pictures wearing blue jeans (or shorts), a stripe shirt, and had a matching ball. Well I had gotten these cool 4x10 portraits that I have framed in the upstairs hallway so I knew for consistency sake (just kidding, it's really just my OCD, let's be real) I had to do something similar for Penelope.

Can we talk about how fucking hard it is to find a stripe shirt for a girl? And how super hard it is to find a plain colored playground ball in January?! It's hard, folks. Thankfully, we had this one in the shed and after some serious scrubbing, it was picture worthy.
They came out OK. These were my two favorites and I'll be working on her scrapbook pages soon. These pictures of a picture don't do it justice because in the actual photos her eyes are a stunning blue color. So.... I have to give it to them for getting that captured because her eyes are just so pretty.

Anyways. So check back on Monday and I'll have a book review for a fun summer read, but I'll also have a pregnancy update for you. Because oh yes, I'm still knocked up.

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