Monday, April 18, 2016

11 months... which is late AGAIN. Surely you're used to this.

We are literally like two weeks away from Penelope turning one so it seems logical that I be late on her update for 11 months, right?

Of course. If you aren't used to it by now, I don't know what to tell you.

But eleven months!
She is still my baby best friend. I swear, this girl is on or near me all of the time. We never really had a huge problem with being totally attached to me until she got super sick, but since then she has gotten clingy. Which isn't the only thing that's changed since being sick. She also doesn't want to be rocked for nap or bed time, and she doesn't need to be swaddled. It's like all at once she decided she's too big.

Surely someone forgot to tell her she needs to ease into these transitions for her mother's sake.
But she is SO much fun. Seriously. She is so playful and loves toys, loves to figure out how things work. She's really the happiest baby I have ever hung out with.
Her personality is absolutely hilarious. She cracks herself up all of the time. She does the sniffing thing that Olivia used to always do and I love it. Then she will start laughing for no reason, like Jackson. It's so great how she really is a mix of the best of them.
She isn't walking yet, despite the fact we were making great strides before she got sick. For a week or so she refused to stand up on her own even. Before I could walk around the house holding her hands but now she won't do that, she just sits back down. She does cruise around the furniture again, though.
The biggest thing about eleven months is that we FINALLY have teeth! We have the bottom two teeth and they are so cute though she won't let me take a picture of them.
We have gotten into such a great daily routine again (it was a bit messed up from being ill) and now I dread the kids being off for the summer. I'm not sure if I should try to move her nap time to afternoon versus morning or what. It's hard and she doesn't seem to want to change so I'm rolling with it. Though no nap from noon until her bedtime at 7 p.m. is REALLY stressful some days.
Food continues to be a challenge. It is definitely getting better. We're having more and more table foods and fruits are definitely her preference. She isn't hip on vegetables yet but my goal is to start working on that. The biggest problem I'm facing is lunch time. Lunch time is tough because it's immediately after her nap because when I get her she's doing the sign for "eat" so I try to get her down and feed her solids before her bottle. But she isn't one for waiting so it's usually whatever I can throw together, which excludes anything cooked. For breakfast we usually have a muffin, some fruit, and Cheerios. She doesn't like regular Cheerios, but she does like honey nut and so far, no issues.
I decided that I would start transitioning her to whole milk, just to see. She absolutely loves it.... so long as it's warmed a little and in a bottle. She absolutely wants nothing to do with a sippy cup and I have now tried six different ones. I am learning that this little kiddo doesn't transition well. The other two just ate whatever I gave them and that was that. This one.. not so much. So I'll be buying different cups on pay day to see if we can find the magic one that she likes.

I mentioned she can sign, and I'm trying to teach her just a few like "milk" and "more". She really likes being able to tell me something, so that's fun. She doesn't seem to care about learning any more so we'll see. She also babbles quite a bit. No real words but sometimes she will say "hi" and wave to you. She likes to clap and wave, not always on command though.
But truly, this girl. She's my heart. She is really so much fun and though I'm exhausted, and I feel like being a stay at home mom is kicking my ass, I really am enjoying some days. She's weird, she's funny, she can make anyone smile. Oh! And I can't leave this post without mention she has stranger anxiety? I've never had a kid be scared or shy of new people but she is. She will usually find me and want me to hold her, and she will tuck her head into me as if to ask me to save her. If she happens to be on her own on the floor, she will put her head down (like this) and do her impression of an ostrich. It's kind of adorable. It'll be interesting to see if this is a phase or part of her greater personality.

Anyways. She turns one soon. I'm working on her first year scrapbook, her first birthday party plans, and trying to enjoy every minute of her all on her own. Soon she'll be competing with a baby and I worry she'll be unhappy about this. I'm more worried about her getting a sibling than I was when Olivia would become a big sister. It's a weird mix of emotions.


thotlady said...

Very sweet.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

AHHH that picture of her grabbing your legs and looking up at you!!! SO sweet. Also you describing her shyness was adorable too. And just every picture of her smiling. And not smiling. I've said it before and I'll say it again, probably the cutest baby I've ever seen.

Steff said...

It happened so fast! :O

For naps, Devin went down to one on her first birthday after not taking any naps for a couple weeks and it's great! She likes to nap at 9am though which sucks in a way haha but it's actually been really nice as well to be able to plan stuff for the afternoon and not worry about nap time and it's way easier to do stuff in the afternoon than morning. Many days it is hard to go from 11-7 without a break though!

Devin doesn't love zippy cups either, but she loves and uses this style camelback water bottle no problem and doesn't have to tip her head back! I'm not sure how it would work for anything besides water as far as cleaning, but I think it all comes apart. I'll check soon to see if it would be easy to clean. She doesn't really drink anything but water so I've never needed to look!