Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Action Jackson is finally 8. But no taller, unfortunately.

I am so behind in keeping you updated so you might get some posts that seem like they happened awhile ago.

That's because they happened awhile ago and I'm just now getting my crap together. I think we all need to be excited I'm showering more regularly, and we also need to recognize we can't have it all.

But yes... Jackson turned eight!

So this year he kind of suckered me into having an actual friend birthday party for him. Last year was IT, but here we are and I have a hard time saying no to this sweet face.
But as it turns out, April has been kind of insane schedule wise and so I struggled to find a date we could do that party, let alone a family thing. So we decided we would do the family thing (kind of) on his actual birthday, and I figured it would work out great. But then we found out that it was the Pinewood Derby night for Boy Scouts and he obviously couldn't miss that, so we did basically just an us party, but my mom stopped over with his gift. I felt kind of bad it was lame.
He didn't seem to mind, though. He is super into Minecraft now so my mom got him this tree house set which he LOVED and ended up putting it all together the next night while Olivia was at dance.
Matt and I got him the Minecraft "crafting box" which is like a large set where he can build eight things or something? He was pretty happy about it. I don't have a picture handy, but Olivia got him a new game called Race to the Roof and a Lego alarm clock, which he has been asking for.
Tradition in our house is the birthday person gets to pick the dinner (except me, apparently) so he chose pizza (no shock there) but wanted it from Little Caesars. Which... ick. Definitely not my favorite but I appreciate he went the cheap route because we are broke.

Also being broke meant that I made his cake. Which, I may have spent hundreds of dollars on classes and tools but that doesn't buy talent. I can't even brag that the entire cake came out of the pan because I had to kind of put one half together again. Then I had an issue with frosting and my cool orange sides got droopy and it looked like a hot mess.
But Jackson, being the absolute sweetest boy in all the world, LOVED IT. He told me it looked awesome and was quite enthusiastic about it and honestly- if you feel bad about yourself this boy will cheer you up.
And yes, Penelope had cake. She loved it. Obviously my child.
Overall? He said he loved his at home party. Which is all I can hope for.

But then on Sunday we had his friend party at the roller rink. Of all of the places to like, a roller rink is not somewhere I would have thought he'd enjoy but as it turns out, if we went every weekend he'd be the happiest kid ever. It was a Minecraft themed party and this is the cake Matt ordered.
I have no god damn idea what it is supposed to be, but whatever. The kids at the party were most excited that the black frosting turned their teeth colors. Sorry, parents.
I have to show you Olivia's get up because it was pretty special. Jean shorts with black leggings underneath and a shirt that says "Let's Roll". If this doesn't peg her as my daughter, I don't know what would.

The cool thing is that at the roller rink they announce it's your birthday, you get a shirt, and you get to pick out something from some prize area. He picked out this hat and insisted on wearing his "birthday boy" ribbon the entire time.
He got so many great gifts, eleven out of the twelve kids he invited came, and I think everyone had a good time. I know he did. When we were leaving he gave me a big hug and said it was the best birthday he ever had.

Seriously- I don't know how I raised these kids to be so great.

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