Thursday, April 21, 2016

Oh yes... and then we had Easter. Bring on the candy!

Holy moly, I even forgot all about Easter! Yes, we celebrate Easter. Fun fact about the Easter Bunny in our house- he brings outside fun stuff. We live in northern Wisconsin which means getting outside fun things (bikes, toys, scooters, etc) is a total bummer because it just has to sit in storage for months before you can even use it.

And that really sucks.

So we always make sure we clean out the shed SUPER well in the fall before it snows and take an inventory of what broke or needs to be replaced after hard playing over summer. I take notes and then that's basically what I get for the Easter baskets. Which is nice because if I really have my crap together, I can get super good deals on summer clearance.

This year we had Easter fun with Matt's parents on Saturday because my mom wanted to do an Easter dinner at her house, the first in years. My brother and sister in law were going to come with their daughter, though that didn't work out. We still went to my mom's and it was really nice to have dinner with my mom and it made me miss how regular that used to be.

I only took one picture at Matt's parent's home and this was it. I wasn't feeling great, Penelope was at the tail end of her illness, but I enjoyed watching the kids try to find their baskets!

I used to fill plastic eggs and hide them in the yard and we'd tell the kids the Bunny hid them. I didn't do that last year because I just assumed the kids were too big to care. Apparently, they were kind of upset about that and made a big deal out of finding the eggs in the basement and making me set them out for the Bunny to fill and hide. So when they went to bed, Matt and I filled over 100 plastic eggs with jelly beans but because the yard was a muddy mess and it was supposed to snow, we hid the eggs all over the house.
Even Penelope, not having a clue what was going on or why her siblings were so excited, got into it.
Turns out, the kids are SUPER BAD at finding eggs. Even the ones in total plain view.
It's weeks later and I swear, I am still finding eggs! Seriously, it's a good thing we don't use real ones because my house would smell foul by now.
But the Bunny was good to them. Olivia and Jackson each got a new movie, bubbles, candy, a fun pen, new balls for the yard, ribbon twirler, new swim goggles and pool float, sparkly neon sidewalk chalk, and bug catching kits. Penelope got a ball just her size, a soft doll, a baby pool, baby snacks, her first no-spill bubble container, and her first set of crayons which are shaped as eggs. Oh! And some new books, too.
 It was basically mayhem in the house for a bit.
Then we went to my mom's house, had a great dinner, and crashed. I didn't realize how worn down I was so I was in bed at 7 with the kids. I am pretty sure Matt stayed up to eat candy because that bowl was a lot smaller when we woke up the next morning!

But it was an alright Easter. We aren't religious so we don't do the church thing, and I didn't get my crap together in time to take them to any community egg hunts or Easter events, but it was still a fun one. We've already used our basket goodies on the recent nice days!

So now we're set for the next holiday we actually celebrate- the Fourth of July. Yes, I know there are some before then but Matt's usually working and we don't really do anything. But the Fourth of July is kind of my thing. I love the parade, the inevitable annual sunburn, the BBQ picnic, listening to live music in Duluth, fireworks, all of it. I will be ridiculously pregnant this year and I'm not sure if Penelope will hang for fireworks, but dammit we're going to try!

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