Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another year of dance is in the books. Phew.

I'll be honest, I feel like I really missed out on Olivia's dance season. I'm usually the one to take her to class and pick her up each week but I just couldn't get it together. Matt did it mostly and my dear friend Andrea helped out a few weeks and yeah. I don't know what next year holds because we are currently without a dance teacher and I'm trying to find an affordable plan B in case we need to find somewhere else for her to dance beginning in the fall.

The cool thing is that this year Olivia's dance group were doing five dances in the final recital and damn if my camera is just so crappy and didn't get good pictures. Thankfully others had good pictures with my daughter in them so even better.

Olivia and her best friend Sydney. They met in 4K, though I didn't make the connection until we were already into our first year of dance. I'm so glad dance brought these cuties together.
The first dance they did was Funhouse and they wore the Red Nose Day noses, which was a surprise to us parents. But there's my little miss sass in the middle.
A very cool opportunity came for Olivia's friend Sydney. She had learned a solo to perform at her school talent show and she was able to do it at the recital for everyone. I didn't get any pictures of her dancing, but I did get a picture of her team on the side cheering her on. The greatest thing about this dance team is that these girls really root each other on. They really are the epitome of a team and are so supportive of one another. It's just a really great thing to see. 
I really wanted to get a team photo, but I had to settle for some individual ones. Sydney and Olivia after the final dance, which was a light dance- Olivia's favorite every year.
One of Olivia's teachers, Alli, who dances on a local college dance team is leaving us this year. Her college classes next fall just don't line up with dance and we are going to miss her. Olivia thinks she's just the coolest and in these last two years, Alli has helped all of the girls improve SO much. It's really amazing what an extra 45 minutes each week has done for them all.
Then there's Kim, who has been the lead coach since we started five years ago now. She is SO great with the girls, but she has a lot on her plate as a mama, she works full time, and she is the head coach for a local high school dance team, which we love to watch! I totally get having to scale back on things (I'm in the same boat!) but it's so sad because these girls are so attached to Kim. It was hard to not tear up watching the girls hug her one last time. I can't tell you how many times I've heard Olivia say how sad she is and she's nervous about someone new. But both of these instructors have been so great to really help each girl along, make them each feel special and talented, and it's so refreshing.
Oh but I have to share more because my little flamingo is adorable.
I can recognize those knobby knees anywhere. I truly can.

So yeah. Another great year of dance is in the books. Olivia really wants to be on a dance team in high school so we'll see. I signed her up for a cheerleading camp that starts in August and goes until October. I'm a little worried because the practice time is traditionally when her dance class is, same day and time, so I am kind of hoping if we get a new dance instructor they pick a different day of the week for dance. Otherwise we'll have some big decisions to make.

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