Monday, May 23, 2016

Penelope's First (Legit) Birthday Party

I know Penelope turned one at the end of April but we had her first actual birthday party last weekend. Which is hilarious because that is also the week I decided I would start moving her nap time to the exact time the party was.


Because I'm a freaking genius. Honestly, you'd think I was a first time mom.

But we improvised, and by that I mean, we made Matt get up with Penelope so that she'd think her nap was in the morning again. This was a genius plan until around 4 p.m. when we all remembered why she needs the afternoon versus the morning nap.

Needless to say, from 4 p.m. until her bed time at 7 p.m. it was a bit of a nightmare.

I have to mention too, that despite knowing her party about a month in advance, I waited until the day before to get her a cake because I can't keep the days of the week straight anymore. I totally forgot to order one and by absolute pure luck, the grocery store had a non-cartoon themed cake on clearance because the next day, her party day, was the "sell by" date. Win.

And you know what? That cake was still damn good. Even though I hate buttercream. Blech.

But we had her party at a local restaurant and decided to order pizza and have some fruit since she likes both of those things. Like a moron, I realized three days before that nowhere in the invitation did I ask people to RSVP so I had zero idea of who was coming so I ended up ordering far more food than I needed to.
I also realized that while doing Penelope's first year book (which I totally finished the night before her party, and that's OK, it's still considered a win, lambs) I hardly have any pictures of her and Matt.
Also, I need to try so much harder at getting pictures of her multitude of hilarious faces. I keep saying she will probably end up an actress because she can do the facial expressions of ten different emotions in the span of a few seconds. It's like Tyra Banks was giving her lessons like on America's Next Top Model or something. 
Penelope enjoyed the cake. She enjoyed the food, as well. She didn't so much enjoy everyone singing happy birthday to her, she actively tried to slide as far down into the high chair as she could.
Lots of super fun gifts, including a baby doll that she adores. She recently started hugging and loving on random stuffed animals and one of Olivia's dolls, so it's nice she has her own. Every morning after we get dressed, she crawls over to her doll and hugs it, then gives it the bottle. It's kind of adorable. She got some cute outfits, puzzle, book, bubbles, water toys, a new handmade sweater and teddy bear, a cool chair, and some other fun toys. I know she won't remember her first few birthdays, and that's OK. I just feel like such a loser for being so depressed this last year and hardly socializing with anyone so admittedly, almost nobody has gotten to know Penelope. And that's fully my fault. I'm going to try really hard to be better with fetus four when she gets here. Hopefully.

So yes. My next birthday to celebrate is Matt's, but that's only a few weeks after I give birth (hopefully) and then it's Olivia's. Which again, I feel bad because we're now in that weird stage where you don't want to "compete" with other families yet you almost feel like you have to? She has gotten invited to some seriously major parties and it's like, what the hell, parents?! So now she has unrealistic hopes for her birthday and I feel terrible. I have to figure out a happy medium that is realistic for a birthday that happens about a month after I give birth. Yikes.

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Beautiful little girl.