Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The flooring project actually happened.

When we moved into our current house three years ago, we knew one of the major things that needed to be done was the flooring situation. We had wall to wall carpet in the dining and living rooms that was gross. It was so, so gross. The listing said "newer" carpet and when we initially looked at it, it was fine.

It was only after you move your stuff in and realize there is a smell to the carpet do you understand that you now have a flooring project on your hands that you didn't anticipate.

You may remember my first post about the carpet and the Lump Under The Carpet, and if you don't, click HERE to read that super fun story. We ended up ripping the carpet up in both the dining and living rooms because there was hardwood under there. After lots of research, and Matt doing copious amounts of math and whatever else he does, we decided it would cost us more money to find the specific type of wood (and bizarre size of the planks used), and renting a sander to refinish the current floors. Which honestly? I was OK with not doing because the logistics of moving ALL of our furniture to other places in the house for several days to properly sand and stain the floors was a project that even I wasn't up for.

Our next option was to put new wood flooring down. We had almost 900 square feet to cover considering we now had to do my office which is off of the dining room because while that floor was decent, it would make the house look weird to have so many different types of flooring. So for consistency sake, we decided my office now had to have the same flooring as the dining and living rooms. It's a lot of stuff.

By absolute chance we were at Home Depot one day and they had a ridiculous sale on a laminate flooring that matched the current trim in the house and they had the EXACT amount of boxes we needed. And I mean exact.

It's basically fate.

Matt went back up there and for $700, bought all of the flooring and padding we needed. We really thought we would be spending well over $1200 for flooring so this was too good of a deal to not take.

I got super excited about the flooring. For a WHOLE MONTH while it sat in the garage.

Here's where we talk about my absolute biggest pet peeve, the thing about Matt that drives me right over the edge sometimes: he has no sense of urgency. Ever. While I appreciate that he can be really "go with the flow" and laid back, I am the absolute opposite. If I have something I know that needs to be done? I do it. I get it done. Start a project? You bet your ass I'm going to finish it. After a month of the flooring sitting there, I finally started hauling the boxes into the house myself and moving furniture and that weekend he got the hint and started. But it's like cripes, man- if we've paid for it, let's DO IT.

(Also? There was a huge gap between the bottom of the trim and the floor because of the carpet that once was there. So Penelope, being an active crawler at this point, was having the time of her life picking at the stuff and insulation behind the dry wall and trying to eat it. I think if he was constantly redirecting a baby from the wall every waking moment, this project would have been done sooner, but because it's me handling it, no big deal. *sigh*)
Anyways. So after moving furniture, the flooring project started. It took him two and a half days and on the first day/night he worked on it for 12 hours. I will insert here that I am over the top grateful that he knows how to do stuff. He just knows, and he knows how to do an amazing job. I often joke he does a way better job for everyone else and half asses it for me but totally not the case with the flooring. It was a trying weekend since Penelope was a bit of a bear, the big kids were home, and absolutely nothing in this house is level or square so he was getting pretty angry at points.
I also have to share this photo of Penelope during the project because her face here basically summed up how we all felt about it. Having your house tore up for any length of time really wears on you. It just really does.

But it's finished. And we re-arranged the furniture getting rid of the ridiculously huge wedge piece of the couch so the couch could be put in a different place. (Which, I remember buying this couch and telling Matt let's not spend money on the wedge. The wedge doesn't matter. He insisted we buy it. Guess what he's really angry that we own? The wedge. Men, the wife is always right.)
 Now our living room looks SO MUCH bigger. And brighter.
Penelope has so much more floor area to play in, and that's been so great. The other bonus is that this year, we can put our Christmas tree literally anywhere else other than in front of the only heat vent in the living room! YAY!
Not a bad shot of the flooring. It's not as dark as I thought it was going to be (yay) and it's not as light as the stuff we picked out in our old house (also a big YAY).
And my office! I decided to not have my desk right under my painting, and have the treadmill in front of it. I have more room but also? I can watch TV from my desk. Oddly enough? I'm way more productive and I don't feel disconnected from everyone else like I did having my back to the door.
I also took this opportunity to show Matt how over full my bookshelves were. But hey- this is my view from my desk!
I have my desk top Edward Cullen doll on my desk, but you see that naked section of wall? After lecturing me about not shoving my bookshelves full of books, he promised he would put more shelves here.

I know. It was exciting. He bought the shelves and brackets that weekend but you know, I had to wait a few weeks before they got put up. *sigh* But they ARE up now and they are SO pretty. My office is basically a library. It is so great. I'll have to take a picture of them so you can see how pretty they are.

Anyways. So the flooring is done. We can cross that off of our list. Things that still need to be done?

  • Roof
  • Windows in front porch
  • Downstairs bathroom upgrade/remodel
  • Kitchen back splash and floor
  • Upstairs carpeting replaced (because it is just as gross as downstairs and every room is a different color)
Obviously? We have a LOT more we want to do. It just all takes time and money, both of which we pretty much don't have. I'd love to do the upstairs carpet but the logistics of moving all of that furniture downstairs? Oh my god. Again, even something I don't want to do. But if we ever re-sell this house, it absolutely has to be done. Has to. 


Enchanting Special Events said...

Good for you! These projects, especially flooring, terrify me. I am proud of you for taking it on-it looks great!

Shann Eva said...

My husband gets all excited and starts projects, but rarely finishes them. So, good thing your husband finished all the flooring in one weekend ;) Seriously, though, it look wonderful. I love the color, and your office is awesome. So many books! Perfect!