Friday, September 23, 2016

Penelope and Lucy - the dynamic duo

I forgot to give you a monthly update on Penelope, and I haven't done any on Lucy, which I was SO good about with Penelope. Alas, they are both still alive and keeping me on my toes.

The first question I get from people is how is Penelope adjusting to Lucy? And overall, she's done really well. She will cry when Lucy cries, she will hand me diapers and her bottle, she steals Lucy's blanket and pacifier, and she tries to give Lucy toys from time to time. I think these two are going to be good friends. I also think Lucy is going to be the toughest child on the planet. You'd almost have to be with Penelope as your big sister.
But Lucy is a pretty laid back baby overall. I said Penelope was my easiest baby ever but I think Lucy has taken that title. She's getting better at sleeping at night, but she's sleeping in a Rock & Play we're borrowing from a friend. Penelope has moved to a toddler bed at night, but during her afternoon naps I've been putting her in the crib otherwise she won't nap at all.  But Matt has been doing all of the night time feedings which is really great because my meds make me feel really off if I'm not getting solid sleep.
Which makes it sound like I must be getting great sleep but no, that's not actually true. The sleep I do get is shit and just when I think I'm falling into deep sleep? Time to pee again. And drink water. The thing about diabetes insipidus is that it makes you VERY thirsty, literally all of the time. The kind of thirsty you feel when you're almost dehydrated, haven't had any water in far too long. It's like that all of the time. Cue constantly full bladder. I'm on medicine for that but trying to find the right dose to make your drinking and peeing manageable but also so you still have natural cues to drink water because hey- it's been awhile, is really tricky. So most days I look like this. I look like a freaking mess. And I usually smell, if we're being honest.
The big kids are in love with Lucy. They always want their turn to hold her.
And it's kind of great. I mean, at least they are getting experience with babies, I guess. Someday they'll have kids of their own and I hope they remember these moments. Lord knows all of the time they spent with Penelope as a baby paid off because she thinks Olivia and Jackson are the greatest people in the world.
And lets talk about Penelope. Penelope has entered terrible two's a few months early. She's into everything. She climbs on everything but often can't get down so she'll stand there and scream until you get her. Then promptly climb back up. She feeds the dog his food and waves him away when he tries to get her snack. She's bossy- she'll point at the ground and that's her telling you to sit RIGHT THERE, not next to her hand, but directly where she is pointing. Or else
She tries to be helpful. She's taken to dragging the poor dog in the backyard to where she thinks he needs to be. Thankfully he's such a good dog and pretty damn tolerant. Mostly because she feeds him food and I'm pretty sure she sneaks him parts of her meals when I'm not looking.
Penelope is spunky. She's such a jokester, but she's also a girly girl. She's so damn smart, too. I don't remember Olivia and Jackson being this smart at 15 and 16 months old, but who knows, maybe they were. But she stacks blocks now, she cooks in this play kitchen thing, she takes care of her baby dolls, she's learning how to dress herself, she can identify objects in books, put beginner puzzles together, and she can now jump (sometimes on command, even!). We're trying to get her to say some words but she can say: mama, up, out, and got it. But she points at things and wants me to tell her what it is so I'm pretty sure she's going to just start talking up a storm when she feels good and ready.

But every day is definitely an adventure with these two, that's for damn sure.


thotlady said...

Nice photos. Penelope and Lucy are so sweet.

middlechild said...

God Bless you Sara. i think of you often.

middlechild said...

God Bless you Sara. i think of you often.

The Flynnigans said...

I just can't get over how much Lucy looks like Matt, it's incredible. :)
Miss P looks like she's trouble, that face, I want to squeeze her face and blow strawberries on her belly. She looks like she's full of you know what. Lol.

And that picture of you, you look beautiful, smelly or no.

Love you xoxox