Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas Wishlist

You know that Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time. This year is going to be tough financially but Matt and I are determined to make the best of it this year no matter what. I'm pretty grateful to have such great kids that I know even if it's a small Christmas, they'll be happy no matter what. They know what a tough year it's been. I will say that we've been incredibly blessed this year, and our Christmas is going to be special. I won't write anymore until after the holidays so I don't jinx it, but we have wonderful people in our lives.

But the fun part of Christmas for me has always been my wish list! Sure, every year I make a wish list and if I get one thing off of it I'm thrilled, but I like to make them anyways. Sort of reminds me of being a kid and going through the Fingerhut catalog with my brother and circling all the things we wanted. I do it every year, even as an adult because I am convinced I will win the lottery someday. So without further ado, here is Sara's Super Amazing Christmas Wish List:

1. Vera Wang nightgowns 
I'm a size large and these are the BEST. I currently have two, but they are threadbare (I've had them for years), have holes in them, and you can tell I wore them post childbirth four times because of the stains. How I conceived children while wearing them is a miracle all on it's own, but they are the most comfortable ever.

2. the Tyme Iron
I think I've talked about my inability to use a curling iron before. I just can't do it. I saw this on a Facebook ad months ago and I kid you not when I tell you I will zone out watching the YouTube videos of people using this and having curled hair.  I want one. I have zero desire to spend the obscene amount of money they want for one, but you can bet your bottom I'll buy one when I become rich.

3. a Vacuum: I can't even research for a good one because I'm so overwhelmed. I just need something lightweight, that had attachments and stuff to do my furniture and stairs, and is good with pet hair.

4. New Kitchen Appliances
I have been eyeing this set up for months. Then I had Lucy and our medical bills have sent us into a financial spin. So, it's not going to happen. But now with my dishwasher leaking with every load and my oven not holding a temperature and taking FOREVER to pre-heat.. yeah. I'm pretty sure we need to replace things soon but we can't afford it. Until then I'll just look at this pretty set.

5. Chair Massager
The cats chewed the cord on my old chair massager, and god knows my back is killing me. I honestly don't care so much about the heat element, but I'd really like something that can really massage my back.

6. Bedroom Curtains
I have two windows in my bedroom that need curtains, aren't these gorgeous?? My goal in 2017 is to finally take the ugly wallpaper off our walls and paint our room. I'd really like to replace the carpet upstairs too, but I'm not hopeful that'll happen at all.

7. A new Laptop: No picture on this because I would only trust Matt to get me one- he knows what I need. But I'd really like to have one that I can use anywhere and has a number keypad. My poor laptop has had better days, no longer will work without being plugged into a wall, doesn't have a usable CD-ROM (shut up, I still use one!) and is heavy and awkward for me.

8. Giftcards! I love gift cards and anyone who says they are impersonal and awful? Doesn't get good ones. My favorite stores are JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Maurices, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Amazon,  JCPenney, Target, etc. I really need some clothes that fit but because my scar is itchy and awful, I'm having to try everything on. It's such an ordeal. But I do need new clothes that fit. I also need scrapbooking supplies to work on Lucy's baby book, too. Victoria's Secret because I need underwear that doesn't have holes or stains. Ulta because sometimes I need makeup and god knows I need a good anti-aging cream right now.

9. Books! Here is a (short) list of what is on my want-to-read list:

I really like plain faux diamond earrings. I like all variations of them and since I've got little ones, studs are where it's at. No pretty dangles for me. 

This is my favorite perfume of all time. Almost nobody carries it in store so I have to order it online and I'm almost out. But I get so many compliments that I smell good and it's this, folks. This is why I smell good. 

12. Gift cards to get haircuts and eyebrow waxes! There is a place in Superior that I've always gone to get my hair done and that's Utopia Salon. I don't have a "person", but if anyone in Superior knows of a person who is super great with thick, wavy hair- I need them. I also get my hair cut once a year and I'm in serious need. I'd love to get my hair dyed, and a pedicure this spring, too. 

OK- so I'm ending my list on a weird number. But truly, I struggle with what I want outside of books. I could give you book lists for days, lambs. But I always appreciate anything I get. Seriously. I'm happy to be thought of anytime. I never buy things for myself really so I'm excited about anything. That and I like opening gifts. HA! 

What's on YOUR wish list?! 

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