Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Corn Maze cherry? Popped!

Would you believe that I am 34 years old and had never been to a corn maze before? It's true. I always have good intentions on doing these things with my kids and giving them memories and traditions, but the truth is that I really hate cold weather. I'm not good at toughing it out, I hate hauling small kids out all bundled up, it's just so much more work and I don't have fun after all of it. But a few weeks ago we actually went to a corn maze. And it wasn't awful!

I had seen a few friends on Facebook talking about this place called The Burch Barn, located in Spooner, WI. It looked fun, and the fact it's family run on an actual farm sold me. If you're going for an experience, you do it right.
Easily the biggest draw for basically all of the kids, but more so Penelope, was the huge play area filled with corn kernels and who knows what kind of seeds. She could have played in that all afternoon. The big kids joined her for awhile and then ran off to do their own thing. Matt was carrying Lucy in the infant carrier because I just can't do that kind of weight on me yet, so I was bummed she didn't get to at least kick her feet in it. Next year!
But yeah, this makes me think I need to do some kind of sensory area for Penelope over the winter when we aren't able to play in her sandbox every day.
Even the big kids loved it.
And came home with plenty of kernels and seeds in their underwear, as evidenced in my washing machine and dryer the next day.
Even Penelope wanted to swim in it.
These goofballs crack me up and are SO patient with Penelope.
She liked it best when I would push all of the kernels up on her and bury her- she was probably the most excited kid in that area.
Penelope wouldn't put her head in, but we tried. The big kids were sports, though!
The BEST part of our day is that we didn't tell the kids where we were going or what we were doing and once we got there, I told the kids that we were going to leave them there and it was really Dr. Phil's ranch that he sends naughty kids to.

Which sounds cruel, but it's a running joke in our house because every time they see Dr. Phil on TV he's sending kids to a ranch and so I'm always saying, "Don't make me send you to the ranch" and we all laugh. Even better, these kids take me so seriously sometimes and I have a great time.
It was such a great day out. The drive home was a little dicey, but that's OK. The weather was unseasonably warm (70 degrees in October? YES, PLEASE.), we got to watch them make real apple cider (Jackson looked like he wanted to do it), we played on hay bales, went down fun slides, went through the corn maze and thank god Matt has a good sense of direction with these things because I would have gotten us lost and needed rescue. 

If you're in the northern Wisconsin area next year and looking for an authentic fall afternoon, this is a great place to go. It has a small fee, but it's really worth it, and the kids will have a great time. We'll definitely be back next year! 

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Julie H said...

I'm not big on the corn maze. We have a HUGE one here that started as a little family farm but now has expanded into this huge thing. I totally panicked after being in the maze for a bit and somehow got out a side area lol.