Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lucy: 4 months

I'm super behind, so we are actually going to recap month 3 and then talk about her as a big 4 month old.

It's so strange that Lucy is already four months old. It feels like I had her forever ago, but that's because I can't remember month one and two much at all. I can't remember month three either.
I do know that in month three she is sleeping (mostly) through the night. She goes to bed around 9 with us, sleeps in a rock and play in our room, and gets up around 4 in the morning to eat and then back to bed until around 7.
She follows me everywhere with her eyes. She turns her head to find me all of the time, she's definitely another little mama's girl.
She is totally a snuggle bug. If you want a baby who snuggles? This is your gal. She's in six month clothing (mostly), she's pretty chunky. Cankles and rolls for days.
She very much dislikes tummy time, but we do it so she doesn't get a flat head. She's lost most of her hair but it appears to be coming back in all fuzzy. It's kind of adorable.
Post partum depression wise.. I'm not any better. In fact most days I feel like I'm worse. She's such an easy, adorable, lovely baby so it's not her, it's definitely me.
My mom comes to help me every day and it's such a help. She also gets a kick out of Lucy's rolls and no kidding- I can't help myself kissing and nibbling her.
She loves to be spoken to and she's starting to get really vocal with her squeals. She loves music and she's doing a good job at grabbing at things and holding onto them. She also puts anything she can get into her mouth!
Penelope is a pretty good big sister. Some times she's jealous and wants us to put Lucy down and focus on her, and she can be a bit bossy with her sister, but she's also very sweet. She tries to help out and I think she knows what Lucy wants more than we do!
Lucy also started cereal this month and seems to love it. She is the easiest baby to feed of all of the kids- she clearly enjoys food! I also used a gift card someone gave me to purchase this cool bumbo seat thing with a tray and activity bar to help her sit up. She does pretty well in it and is trying to grab at the toys but her arms are just a little too short.
Overall, the last four months have been so hard. I am so grateful that she's a pretty easy baby because I struggle every day. I just want to be able to go out and do things with her and it's so hard. Now it's winter so leaving the house is such a chore anyways but I don't have confidence like I did with my first two, you know? That and with my memory issues I'm terrified I'm going to forget someone in the van or in a cart or something. So we stay home every day. Here's hoping Santa brings us new toys because lord alive I'm sick of what we have here!

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Julie H said...

awww she's just so cute! Love the picture with Penelope in it too :)