Friday, January 6, 2017

Phone dump- October!

I've decided that at the end of each month, I'm going to do a phone dump post of random pictures that were in my phone. The hope is that will keep me accountable on taking photos off my phone and storing them on my computer in the correct folders since I'm not good at remember when things happened anymore. But also because sometimes I take cute random pictures and I want to share them, but they aren't necessarily good for one post. So let's combine them.

One of my favorite things in the whole world are little tiny toddler toes. My kids all have their father's feet, and they are just weird, but when they are a toddler they are still super cute. Penelope let me paint her toes with some super quick dry nail polish and then let me take a picture of her "tiggy toes". Adorbs.
I think I made a comment to Olivia about the tooth fairy going broke from how many teeth she was losing. She left a note letting the tooth fairy know how many teeth she had left to lose and my grandma in Florida, who I love dearly, sent Olivia this note and $2 for each tooth yet to come out. Seriously, my grandma is better than yours.
Penelope. She is really fascinated with putting her face on different surfaces. She's really a character.
Oh yes! For Halloween this year (it was rainy and kind of crappy) I had an extra kid! Olivia wanted to trick or treat with her best friend Paige, in the middle, so that's what we did. Olivia made her own costume, a cat, Paige was a gypsy, and Jackson was a skeleton. We went out in the rain and poor Paige had her foot in a boot for an injury but she was such a trooper.
Then she spent the night, and the girls spent most of the time sorting candy and then watching scary shows in the basement. Paige is one of Olivia's best friends and I love having her here. Plus Penelope thinks Paige is basically the greatest ever.
And Jackson, speed sorting here. Apparently it's a serious process to sort.

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