Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sara's Christmas Wish List

I know you were all anxiously awaiting this post- the list of magical items I would like to see under the tree. My husband keeps asking me for ideas and I swear, do you think I text images and links to you all year for no reason?!


Without further adieu, behold! The Wish List.

1. Back Scratcher. I know, this seems stupid but a bonus of diabetes insipidus is that I am forever dying of thirst and my skin is ridiculously dry. I can contort like the best of them but christ on a cracker, I just cannot get the middle of my back. You can't find these stupid things when you need one but I'll see them and forget about my need. This is a need.

2. Air Fryer. Anything that I can deep fry without a ton of grease I'm all about. God knows I don't have the dexterity to handle that but this I could do! It's the hot item this year. This and an Instant Pot, but I honestly don't get the deal with that and since I'm home all day I don't need one. But this? Would be amazing! 

3. KinderPerfect. We don't have friends to socialize with, but I'd seriously consider making some just so I could play this.

4. Hand Lettering Book. I always see people practicing this and I really want to try! It looks fun.

5. Dear Asshole. I feel like this is self explanatory.

6. Gift cards! I always ask for these because I like to shop, on my own, at night, and do it when I'm stressed. Unfortunately, it's hard to do when you're poor. But I like to shop at Kohl's, Maurices, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble (obviously), Amazon, Target, you know- mom basics.

7. Dumbells. One of my goals is to tone up what I can, maybe lose a little weight. My goal is 5 pounds next year.

8. Incumbent Bike! I used one of these in physical therapy and I did really well with it! He advised me to stick with this versus walking or running because it doesn't put as much stress on my back, but still gives me some cardio. I really liked it and I could totally put it in the basement. Or Matt could, let's be honest. HA!

9. Books!!! I can never ever have too many books. Don't even say it.

10. Sneakers. I've settled on always wearing sneakers. Anything else really hurts my feet, ankle, knee, and hip. Sigh. I am a fan of white shoes. I don't know why, just do.

I'm going to leave my list at an even number because that suits me. I could list things all day long. I heard there are Roomba's that will sweep AND mop your floor?! If that's a real thing, I need that. HA! Practical things like a toaster (white) and an electric can opener that is actually decent (because it's getting harder and harder for me to use the hand one) are good, too.

What do YOU want for Christmas?

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