Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A week in the fabulous life of... me.

I don't want anyone to sit at home and be jealous of my fabulous life, so I'm going to talk about last week in the Strand home. 
 Last week Lucy started teething again. She's getting all four of her incisors (eye teeth) and it's been brutal. One day she's cuddly and adorable, the next it's screaming and crying over every single thing. By Friday I resorted to Tylenol because I just couldn't handle it anymore. I need to also mention how great her bed head is. This girl SLEEPS and sleeps hard. 
 After my psychiatry appointment on Wednesday, I no sooner walked in the door when I got a call from the school saying Jackson had a 101 degree fever and needed to come home. So I went to get him, stopped off for Tylenol and Motrin for him, some soup, and some gatorade and we came home. He was out of school the rest of the week but seems to be better now, so crossing fingers, he's going back tomorrow. 

Cue bad mom alert, he is the only kid who did not get a flu shot, so on Wednesday I went to bed feeling guilty and worried. What if he gets the flu and dies like all of these children on the news? Next year I have to remember (ha) to get them all done. Doing them all at once isn't feasible so I need to think of a different strategy. 
 Last week was hard. It wasn't the hardest week I've had but it was definitely challenging in its own way. I felt like we had so much going on, but by Friday I knew it was going to be OK. I went to dinner with two fellow dance mom friends and it was so great. I didn't realize how much I needed that and it was great to connect with them. 
 Saturday Matt and Olivia went to the Father Daughter Dance and I went with my friend Tammy to a string art party a friend was throwing. I hadn't seen her since high school and Chera (the friend) looks amazing and I'm glad I medicated and got myself out the door. 
Even better? I didn't have a panic attack, so while my medications are expensive as hell and I have no idea if I can manage to pay for them long term, they do work, so that's something. I was able to sit around strangers and the sound of 20 people hammering nails didn't send me over the edge. I was pretty proud of myself, and exhausted, by the time I got home. 

I got some reading done, I got some scrapbooking done, I'm trying so hard to find a normal rhythm to what I can do now and it's tricky, that's for sure. 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm glad Jackson is doing better! Wouldn't it be great if schools just had free flu shots or something? Easy peasy!! (at least for your two oldest, but that's two down!!) And that's great you had two nights of getting out and seeing friends. Yay for enjoying the string art class. You must share about that! I've made one at a library event, and I'd love to do another one someday. We'll see. LOL